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Makes sense...OK thanks!I was wondering how to describe his color in conversation or posting. We call him "Brett Michaels" because of the " frosted mullet"
This guy I hatched out from a mixed color flock of Silkies last August. He started out black...what is he now? Idk...
My girls had a wonderful life with me from day one when they were just eggs in a box coming via usps....I made sure I was here to accept the package. Let them warm up and settle...I lovingly turned each egg by hand always washing my hands vigorously before and after. Then, 21 days later...Chicks![IMG]I [IMG]They grew bigger really fast! Showed me how chickeny they could be!I raised them in the basement for far too long while the coop was built. At first they didn't know...
I have three. One is blue. . One is black with what looks like highlights on his hackles. Then there's a white one. I may keep one but haven't decided. Maybe you want all three? They hatched 8/17.
NE Ohio Ha nvm
Yes location please?
They are the nicest tempered chickens I've ever had. Her sister Penny survived because she was in quarantine during the fire...
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