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I don't live in Asia. I live in Ohio. 😜
Awww thanks ok
Any takers yet?
Awesome thanks!
Ship to NE Ohio if I pay?
Any still available? Location?
Can i see pics?
Hatched 8/17/16. From NPIP certified farm in Southern Ohio. One is white. One is blue/black. One is Partridge? The white one (MrSterling)is very sweet and beak grinds when you hold him and pet him. That's him with the hens. The Partridge (Brett Michaels) is unagressively protective of the hens. He went toe to toe with my 70 lb lab mix puppy who was just trying to play with them. He's the one with frosted looking 80s rocker "hair". The third one is blue on his hind...
New addition to original brooder
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