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I just realized I repeated myself...not sure about whether to bandage or not on I have to go look at one of my chicks to assess their physiology and whether gauze would work! Hope she pulls the. It doesn't look nearly as bad as Peanuts injury. They amaze with how they heal!
HI. We just made sure that there was no fluff or feathers under the skin AT ALL..I cut it back with scissors. Then I flushed the wound with peroxide and then applied veterycin. Pulled the skin back into place and used gauze and then medical tape into place. This kept get from moving her head too much.I changed the gauze and tape everyday for a week.It healed but there was still a good amount of scar tissue and it took awhile for her feathers to grow back in. Sadly we...
Hi everyone! I have one too many Svart hona chicks that are boys! They are from Cedar Crest Farm in Kirtland Hills and they are some very special looking birds. I'm only charging what I paid so I'm not even breaking even on what I've put into him. He was hatched sometime around 2/6/17. A couple of his toenails are white but I was told he would grow out of them.? Who knows? Otherwise is a very regal looking young cockerel. I am willing to ship at buyers expense in a 5 state...
Where are you located? I can ship.
I've got a Silkie Cockerel about 8 months old and I'm I'm Cleveland if you're interested. Sorry to cross post but he's all by himself in the coop and I'm worried he'll die of loneliness. Or maybe forget he's a chicken!
Hes the only one left. He's lonely. Please come pick up.
I'm sorry currently all have been taken.
I don't live in Asia. I live in Ohio. 😜
Awww thanks ok
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