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I can get very good productivity with a small number of birds on several acres during much of the year. Small number means less than a dozen. Several acres means about 6 acres. The problem for sustainability with that is losses to depredation. To protect them cost money and time requiring more production to justify effort. Then it is cheaper to import feed and restrict birds to smaller areas resulting higher densities. The equation changes somewhat if you have other...
This may be a nutrition issue. Swap out current bag of feed for a newer one.
Most of my dog fun has been during the day, most. It is largely a function of owners activity patterns. If dog issues on horizon, then I would start investing in electrified fencing and making certain chickens stay in area you can defend. Electrified poultry netting can meet both of those needs with a small flock. Pricier than birds themselves, but cheaper than next increasingly effective option.
What the hay, you people have ground that is nearly flat. Not fair!
When it works as I expect, the rooster quickly switches over to a parental role as if he has to rear his own harem. Interest in sex is suppressed and he gets into a mode where his more concerned with finding food and watching for threats. About half the time I set it up where the group is free-range although more recently I got into doing it with penned groups. I have mixed chicks about two weeks of age with fully adult rooster in pen as the former needed a little...
I do not usually see that unless rooster somehow excited. I am guessing he does not try to do it a lot and will stop once he relaxes around the youngsters.
With fully adult rooster and no hens involved, I would allow rooster and juveniles to combine immediately. If he is tidbit calling to youngsters and they are not scared of him then they should be OK together. I routinely have adult roosters with chicks (< 5 weeks old) watching for first few minutes to make certain all will be well. Immature roosters more likely to be problematic but I have been using even those lately without trouble. Hens in mix can complicate issue...
I would face east. Even my most cold tolerant birds seek out sunny locations during the AM hours to combat thermal stress. At my latitude the coop would need to be a few feet away from the pine trees to ensure some of the morning sun comes in the front.
The growling yet tolerating means she is still conflicted. Having her riled by disturbance can make her more likely to peck chicks she is not fully imprinted on. Once at point you describe you are likely less than a day away from hen fully accepting new chicks. Avoid letting move about much until she stops growling. Also some growling can be where she is warning you to stay away and chicks to be quite.
Bobcats hard to shoot if you have a job away from home. Especially if dog keeps it away from core of where you live. I would use a chicken as bait and trap cat.
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