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What kind of chickens are they supposed to be? They are diminutive, almost bantam-sized, and appear to have rose combs which is consistent with Spanish Games. If Spanish Games then be prepared to treat them differently from most regular chickens. I would normally keep chicks only with one hen.
I have been through what you describe many times through the years and tried a lot of approaches. First was notify neighbor. Next was to shoot dog and practice SSS which only worked for that dog. Then I started talking to dog owner and other neighbors, before shooting dog and not practicing SSS. Latter approach more effective. This area has high dog density so still had problems so I started putting up fences to exclude dogs. Losses to dogs took a nose dive. Still...
I would be concerned about buzzards and sparrow hawks in Israel.
You will have to do some training with each poultry lifestage they encounter.
No hawks, yeah right.
Deer netting as cover works. Large adult rooster also helps.
Crappie on the nest down their still. Some look to have black face.
I have nothing beyond broodfowl now because just did a down-sizing. A hatchery strain worth considering is Cackle. Also a couple parties here are breeding for real. One is in Colorado I think. Keep plugging for them here.
Look for different blood.
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