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Thanks for the suggestion, I found some from someone who was leaving the chicken business, so I am good now.
I live on Kauai, and looking for cheap empty egg cartons to hold large eggs. Any ideas? eBay has but shipping is too much. Thanks, Janet
some of my red sexinks 14 weeks old.
Aloha, I live in Lawai, and just started in the chicken world. I have 12 red sexlinks, 13 weeks old, and hoping for eggs in 4-6 weeks. I have them in 4 Costco chicken coops, 3 in each, and added feeders and waterers to each. I got them at 3 days from a friend that orders regularly from the mainland I think. Happy to discuss any issues you have. I love my girls!
Not sure if pictures went through. We got them from our local Costco, but they are also available on Amazon. Thanks!
Yes, 4 coops measuring 69Lx29.5Dx41H. Inside area is 26x25. Would like to keep 3 chicks in each coop. Maybe use 2 to start, so they can stay warm at night. Would that work? It is in the 80's during the days and 70's at night.
Hi, I am a new chick owner of 12 babies almost 4 weeks old. I am learning a lot from everyone here. Please advise me about moving them from the brooder to the coop. I live in Hawaii, and it never gets lower than about 73 degrees at night. I would like to move hem to the coops, I have 4 small ones that hold 4 chicks. I plan to put 3 in each. It is the Costco one, very nice I think. Will I need to keep them in the enclosed section for a week? If so, I need to put food and...
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