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Feathered legs/feet is a dominant trait and is controlled by a number of different genes, I believe. I think you must have been a bit unlucky Summer 98.   Crosses betweens feathered leg and non- feathered leg usually results in an chick who has less and smaller leg feathers than the feathers-legged parent.
My 'baldy' has only come out of the broody coop for a couple of weeks and was like that before she met up with the boys again, so I think it is just moult rather than her attractive appearance(!) to the boys.   She is the only one who looks like this also.
Having seen so many neat looking birds, I thought I'd post a pick of my Moel, Blue Partridge Brahma who is in a bad moult (yet continues to lay eggs).  
  A bit of advice for me, too, please.   This little 5  week old lady is of unknown parentage....though it is likely that mum was a Blue Partridge Brahma and father a Naked Neck X Blue Partridge Brahma. (On this thread I'm sure that many folk will say that she is lucky not to have inherited her father's feather lack!) She doesn't appear to have many leg feathers in the pic. as they are wet from rain. She has a pea comb, again not easily visible.   Her...
I love the little black skinned chicks, Kassaundra....very cute.   My own two little light ones are feathering out very differently....not sure of their parentage, though.       Sorry for the duplicate pic.....I couldn't find how to remove one.
He's beautiful.
I'd say male, but a nice bird. I've had a lot of Brahmas over the years of various types and those who have blocks of colour over the wings at this stage usually turn out to be male. Also for a Brahma there is significant comb development. I hope I'm wrong.... the Naked Houda....ridiculous top knot and comb!   Also, some lovely white NNs......SO CLEAN LOOKING.....too much mud here for clean birds.   These are from my last hatch. They were from eggs from under a Blue Buff Brahma who I found brooding. all eggs looked alike, so I assumed that they were all hers with Gordon (Pure black NN X Blue Partridge Brahma) as father. That, however, may not be correct.....genetics kings and queens needed!   I...
Cynthia 12 those are lovely chicks.   I'm not going to try to suggest names....most of the names I have for my animals are pretty stupid....Clarence, Gordon, Blackchops, Gwladys, Phyllis etc.....however, I'm sure that someone will come up with good names.   Just noticed that my Marv's eyes are turning think Gordon is her dad.   Here's my last unintended hatch with naked and non-naked examples of the two types of chicks.   There couldn't be a...
Transylvania is a part of Romania where some think that the NN originated, and Naked Neck is self explanatory.
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