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That's what their telling me Robin, so all I can do is trust that the good Lord, knows what I don't!!  LOL!  And yea, it just wouldn't be a good road trip if I didn't stop in and say hey to them!!  And just as yourself! Good peeps!
Hey Sweetpea!!  Where ya been!!?? Good to see you on here, I was asking about you! Hope you and your little ones are doing well!
OmG!! So, there is NO way I'm gonna catch up on all the talk on here!! Jeez!   So, just a little catch up here, for those of you following the continuing hip saga. I was in Seattle this past Monday at the Seattle VA for an Orthopedic consult, and as I had suspected they want to do a total hip replacement! So, they have scheduled me for Aug 28,2013.   Yes I know it's a long time from now, yes I know a whole lot of pain to endure to get there. BUT, after speaking to...
Hey Girl!! where have you been?? I came back on after summer and didn't see you!?? Hope your ok?? Good to see you here!!   Hows things with your chickens and family??
Ok, I get that, but, we drive the freeways here, so it's not a city thing?? I'm sorry I'm not trying to be complicated I just had never thought about calling a city for that kind of information, I'll call the county sheriff and see what he says, thanks!  I mean most of the time I want to call for something it's cause I see some one on the freeway doing something stupid.
   I was feeling kinda necked!!!  LOL!!!
Where my cousin's live in MI they do it all the time!! There are so many deer there!! They shoot them from their house windows!
Wow!!  good job!  That is so awesome!! Can you send to my email? I want to show Terry! man is he gonna be upset!! He has wanted to go hunting for the last 6 yrs and hasn't had time or a place to go! 
OMG!!  good job!!! how cool!
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