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No, but I've had success in other trade rags (BeeCulture magazine, among others) and this, combined with some quality writing would be everything you need.  I used to begin all my articles with research (finding the docs) and then writing around it.  Done it so much it's like a formula almost.     It's...
Beekissed, I'm certain this would make a publishable article for back yard poultry magazine.  If you'd like to write one up, fine.  Otherwise I might look into it.  
First six are in the fridge!  They dressed out light, sadly.  My heaviest was 7.5 lbs and my average was 5.75.  I still have five more (the girls) in the run, eating and hopefully putting on a bit more weight.  Next weekend it will be their turn to step up to the plate.  For that matter, I might take a couple tomorrow once I"ve rested.   First bird was a "Oh yeah, I remember now" type process.  I read about people who get really quick but my last took my about 25...
If it's the standard "medicated" feed then as I recall it is only active in the gut.  Feed them for a day to clean out their system and put them on the bus to freezer camp.  
I use the cone method.  I know it is scary (my first few were) and if you have any sort of empathy in you you feel "bad" for the chickens.  I've tried a few different ways and while the hatchet is a surefire "done and done" thing, I like the carcass I get from the bleed out method better.  So I'm going to hang a cone, truss the bird's feet and slit their necks.   Once that's done it's not a live chicken, it's a messy chicken dinner and things get a lot easier.  
Update.  We're at seven/eight weeks on Tuesday (I got to see some day old meaties and my original "one week old" estimate was "optimistic"). I've got three meat-zillas that barely resemble a chicken.  It's a eight and a half pound bowling ball with legs.  The girls are consistently smaller and frankly I'm going to put them on the butcher line last.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll take the three big boys off to camp.  They can still walk but man are they big.   I lost one...
Neat - mine seem to have caught up for the most part except that they are still very bald.  Those look like some fine birds.  What is their target departure date?
Honestly this is an indoor setup for me, and here is why - the bag collar goes around the outside of the bag, so rain off the bag would be funneled into the feed or along the ramp. I could add roofs or shelters or stuff like that but this is for my feeder in the greenhouse, so not a big deal that it isn't sheltered.    
Not as much as you'd think - that lip is pretty deep (and if I weren't working with the scraps of what I had, would have been deeper).  The chickens have to reach down into the lip to eat and that cuts down on the "toss the food out" stuff that otherwise happens so often.    
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