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These posts are encouraging (I'm a week to a week and a half behind you) and if my birds look this nice I'll be delighted.  Agreed on the butchering thing.  Take your time.  I plan to get everything ready Friday night and get up on Saturday and start processing them, taking my time.  Biggest birds go first and I get done what I get done.  Repeat until all birds have taken the bus to freezer camp.
Well, "maybe" on Tuesday they are four weeks old so Camp day is roughly four weeks from today (in essence 8 weeks) but if they look right and weigh in nicely I might take one at six and seven weeks to compare carcass size.
How to hard cook eggs, with Alton Brown  This is how I do it.  As a bonus it has Alton Brown in it, and I love watching him.
I've often said that as beekeepers we know things that perhaps the bees do not.  I once put out the beekeeping for dummies book in the apiary but they didn't bother reading it.  As for natural beekeeping, that's not a bad approach.  The studies don't bear it out as working any better than the chemical warfare path but this is your journey, not mine.  As for the hives, you can do everything right and lose a colony, and do everything wrong and have one survive.  Be a...
How long have you had them?  I've gotten to the point where the sound of the colony tells me a lot.  For instance,this morning the low pitched buzz says "rearing brood, and cold be darned," and this afternoon you could hear the foragers from the house.  I'm going to miss them in a few weeks when they are gone, sort of.    
I find it funny that having kept bees this is a happy image to me, while to someone else it might sound horrible.  Swarms.  So much fun when they aren't from your hives.
About two weeks, and since everything but the shingles was cull lumber, absolutely.  The "little red barn" coop is by the rules too small for the chickens that sleep there, but they seem to neither know nor care about the rules.
I've taken to steaming mine instead of boiling.  No faster but I can take the steam basket right into the ice bath and cool them off.  Hard cooked eggs are delicious, and no harder to peel than store bought ones in my experience.
So I was going to make a shopping bag out of a feed bag, and then I started thinking about how my large can based feeder,and my plastic bucket based feeder were all about holding the feed in place to slide down a ramp.  So the next time I was in home depot I picked up 51 cents worth of cull lumber and a couple of 2x4 cutoffs, and I made this.  I'd say "Look at the new feeder I built!" but if I've learned anything from keeping bees, it's that everything I invent has been...
Moved them into a larger area (pen still isn't done - next time I'll know better.  Then again next time the pen WILL be done to start with).  They actually are behaving like chickens, flapping at each other, though their jumping and flapping skills are pathetic.  One of them literally could not hop over a brick.  Sigh.   That said, here's a shot of how I can tell my roos from the girls (and also how UGLY these things can be): 3 weeks, red comb:   And here's...
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