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     The ones with the white spots on their heads sound like Barred Rocks, but pics would help a lot. I think Aussies and BRs are some of the most popular at feed stores along with Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns and Orpingtons.    Just wait till you've been here for a few days and see all the pretty colored eggs that other breeds lay. hehehe   Chicken Math!!!!!
I have hens hide nests from me every year.    Best one??  Next door in a garbage heap, inside of a smashed Pepsi carton. Trust me, they can hatch anywhere.
         Looks like you've been supplied with the links you need. You might need a few days to go through them though, although I doubt everyone is like me and has to see every single thing that people make.    OH.....You might want to build a bigger coop. Chicken Math is no joke! 
1512 posts. That's how many I would have to read to catch up. YEAH!!! That ain't gonna happen!     I have eggs in lockdown and when I closed them up I noticed a pip. I'm dyes, I doing dry incubation and they aren't even due till friday, so I opened the pip a little too much and saw a closed, dry-ish beak. Tried to move it and nothing. When I went to toss all the quiters I kind of stopped when I went to toss that egg, because I thought I saw it move. Looked close and...
I've seen so much worse. Blood makes everything look worse. 
Exactly Plus I wanted to do some extra things here to help people find help all over the state.      WOW! I was thinking I had been off 3 or 4 days. Were does the time go?
OK I guess I have to go another route, so thought I'd ask the experts. Is there a chance I could breed BTW or white to my BTBuff? I want BTB really bad and he's gorgeous, so I want more just like him. Which color would be my best bet? 
Wendy I also go North. LOL I've been to LA twice in my life and I've live in CA since I was 5. Grandbaby 29 is due, just to kind of show how long ago that was. But I started this thread, because I was hunting threads and posting and never got a reply, so I said heck with it. Plus although I think North more, I have gotten more birds from the South. Helps to know what everyone has all over. Then I desided to add things to page one and they made it so I couldn't edit, hense...
OMG! Over 750 posts since Saturday??? Forgot how fast these threads go.    I'm not reading it all. Had to run my daughter over 100 miles onSaturday, to Berkeley. Labor pains finally stopped. Spent the weekend in the Bay Area and no working on my party of the baby shower so we can spend the weekend out there again. If she goes into labor at the shower, I'm good!   None of my LF purebreds are laying yet. I'm seriously thinking about that talk while holding a stock pot if...
hmmmmmm I do have to drive to the Bay Area on Sunday. Wonder how loud my daughters would get if I took a little time out of the wedding shopping????
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