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Rambob it looks like were grand and great grand parents
I almost didn't need names just now, I'm always talking about the feral cats. Rascal's family to be exact. Between me and the lady next door we feed them. When an alley out back, they should be catching mice. They do catch gophers. I don't have AC and I don't have screened doors. My hot is like an oven lately. I have 2 tub brooders going while I wait for chicks in the outside brooders to get big enough to pen with their breeds.    I'm sitting here on my couch, with the...
Auto correct on my phone tends to have a strange sense of humor. I thought I had one, but I'm about to throw this thing. And it's new! You should see the words I have to add to it. Normal, everyday things, but no, I get Call Sucks. You have no idea how bad I felt when I came back and read that, but the phone wouldn't let me edit.    Just so you all know, I offered those Silkied Split eggs and since I had 3, thought I'd get them the next day. Not a single egg since. I'm...
I got Oscar right off. I'm collecting names. I probably can't afford to keep them like I wanted to, but many with names and a story, they won't get eaten. LOL 
Dumpster's buddy needs a name. Needs to be something that continues with my garbage theme. Need some ideas.
Thank God he was out of the shell and making noise. Poor guy.
Why does my auto correct want to change ducks to sucks?
I haven't done one of these in over a year, but I wanna play Mine on the Call sucks Offer is 8 Black Mottled Japanese Bantams from SQ stock. 6 BBS Silkied AM from splits I've been getting 50/50 hatches from.
Well I think my eggs are pretty tough. Remember my Sportsman went out and I stuck the due eggs under broodies? One hen only hatched one chick, by the way, she is vicious!!! She say for days after and gave up day before yesterday, but took me till today to fight her off. She's a very protective momma her first time. I wasn't close to the big trash can, so brought the eggs in and decided to just put them in the kitchen trash and take it out soon. It's so hot in here that...
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