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I need to know. I mentioned my splits producing 50/50. Would the smooth chicks definitely be splits in this case? I have a cockerel to sell and not sure if he would be useful to someone if he's smooth.
I've kind of sworn off Ebay eggs, but those would be into interesting. I knew someone have them a while back, but don't remember who. Like I need one more pen. Sheesh
My Sportsman I'd on the Fritz, so I have some hatching eggs for sale. I'll be in Hayward tomorrow, so if someone is looking please pm me for prices and breeds
OK, who's looking for hatching eggs?
How cute!
I'd love the Japs in Blue Mottled. Wonder if someone has done that.
I have a BIN 6Black Mottled Japanese eggs (great hatch rates and been getting 3 pullets to one cockerel) Can't guarantee that or hatching once shipped, but I wrap carefully. $35 including shipping. Will ship Monday.
Two weeks apart. Two of my Black Mottled Jap chicks
Since I haven't posted or even taken pics in a long time, I thought I'd share a pair of chicks that are 2 weeks apart.
Lost a lot of eggs last week, so need to find someone to check out my Sportsman. I I did toss the eggs about to hatch under broodies, but put the Silkied eggs and my other AMs under one of my best broodies and she killed all of them. I was devastated.    I have to say, my split pair are producing exactly 50/50. I had 2 hatch almost 2 weeks ago and one is Silkied. They both look to be roos to me right now, but who knows. Depending on how many more I hatch out and what the...
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