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Just came down from the barn and she did it again,there was a wet spot in her nesting box
Art the info you have given me is so helpful thank you! I'm definitely going to look into their feed!
Thank you and I wont..I was really just stunned and couldn't believe what was going on in front of me..she was like a completely different bird..and I literally blinked and it was over
She had a wet spot one other time but I couldn't find the egg and it was right after she layed the reallllllly big egg like yesterday..and I did clean out her nesting box..they get scratch grains as well as as treats we give the mealworms,blacksunflower seeds,etc..
I'm also new to this forum and so if I mess up replying please forgive me as I try to figure it out lol
Hi there! Yes I watched her eat it..we just got a bag of calcium to add to her grain... the egg did look different from the other ones and I have gotten about 3 dozen eggs from her so far and she never did that before..
I am new with chickens and I have a 6 month old hen that lays eggs regularly...except yesterday she layed an egg that was well over double in size and actually attacked it and pecked it immediately until there was nothing left and how I know this is watched her do this normal? She never does this to the normal size eggs..
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