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Lewis was the only rooster with ethel..rocco is in another coop with 4 hens..rocco just pecks lightly and i think he wants a treat..(thats what that group is used to) but lewis was the worst..but since we separated him from the hen he has been completely different. He was just protecting assuming..
Update...moved him away from the hen in a separate pen and he is a complete angel!! Totally different rooster...
I agree..and if it continues i will get rid of both of them...but it has been 3 days since they have come after us..but that could change tmrw...i do have a question do they tend to do that at a young age and grow out of it or once they start thats it?? They are going to be a year next month
I walk in with a riding crop and pushed him back with it as he came at me..didnt phase him one bit..and im not afraid if him and go straight towards him and he still comes after me..and hes doing it to my husband too..the only thing i can think of is he has no place to go when we go to feed them..
No he is still being a rude little jerk..but im not giving up on him..he did get me 4 times today..ughhhh
Hi there hes almost a year old and hes a rhode island red and my soon to be year old brahma started doing it too..
Thank you for all the information..I will go in the coop tonight in charge
Im a newer chicken mom and my rooster just started flogging me and i have no idea why..i feed his little butt everyday and you would think im trying to kill him..are there any tricks in stopping this behavior??
Just came down from the barn and she did it again,there was a wet spot in her nesting box
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