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Thank you!
My husband and I are about to build our first coop. We are chicken newbies and will have 5 hens. We live in Kenutcky so warmer summers and colder winters. Every where I read says 4x6 coop would be big enough for 5 birds. I just want to make sure this will be ok for the winter. They will have access to at least 5x10 run, hoping to make this bigger.
Let me make sure I understand. They build raise beds basically and cover with the chicken wire? Then as the plants grow, the chickens can get what grows above the wire just not able to get past and down to the roots?
I'm not sure about my floor. I've been reading about the deep litter method. What is your forest floor?
My husband and I are planning our first coop and run. Th chickens will be mostly run birds, only allowed out when I can be home and watch them. I am planning on just nesting boxes and roosts inside the coop with water and food in the run. I'm not sure what else to put in my run though. How can I allow them to forage while in the run?
I am trying to pick my chicks for delivery sometime in April. I am definitely getting 2 buff orpingtons, but other than that I cannot decide. I love silver laced wyandottes, but I have read many mixed reviews about their personality. I also can't decide on either a speckled sussex or rhode island red. I live in the city and can therefore only have "5 egg laying birds". I Live in KY, so colder winters and some hot summers. I was thinking I might choose 1 barred rock, 1...
I've finally convinced my husband that chickens would be a great investment! I'm waiting to see what local chicks are available in February before ordering. I'm wanting golden buffs and barred rocks to start with. I live within the city so I can only have 5. I might throw in a silver laced just because!!
I am new to the chicken world, though I have read a lot and am so excited to start my backyard chicken coop. I will be building my brooder this week and purchasing chicks thereafter. I am wanting all input anyone has from feeding and raising and any/all issues that may arise. Thanks!!!
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