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Hi genetics experts! I've been trying and can't wrap my little brain around this :I have barred rock hens and a roo, as well as buff orpington hens and a roo all in the same pen. What are the possible varieties? Obviously barred rocks and buff orpingtons, but I also thought black sexlink types? Any ideas? Thanks!
I may just have to divorce my hubby, and marry you... Tell Ashlee to watch out!! Really though, I love eggs, I love pickles, can't go wrong with pickled eggs!!!
I butchered my first quail... Thanks to the vodka I felt pretty confidant, I knew I was raising these birds for meat, and I knew I'd have to be the one who does the dispatching because DH said it's YOUR hobby, you do it... So I did. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be! My only regret is that my kitchen shears are apparently a little dull... I did the bop and top meathod, but it took me 4 cuts!! and the poor guy seemed to know... Well anyways, I'm sure I'll be...
Are you feeling bad for feeling bad now? Don't worry, people we know looking at us like we are doing something wrong makes us feel bad! It's not about not having a backbone, it's more about realizing that they are ignorant, or may simply have a difference of opinion. A while back, I was considering raising rabbits because I LOVE the meat, My SIL looked at me and said, that's like eating a cat, rabbits are pets!! It's taken me a while to get over that... It hurts! So now...
Now that she has your email address, you can go back and edit your previous posts so that your email doesn't show and you don't get some crazy's emailing you!
I think it's also how you are raised. Most of my hispanic friends don't have a problem with me raising birds for meat, even expect it when they see my chickens, but most of my other friends give me the stink eye and say "how can you kill something you raised? It's a pet!" *sigh*
I have 30 coturnix quail in a 7'x4' pen... I've started to notice that the girls are starting to purrr... and I'm starting to notice a few of them missing head feathers. Is this just normal behavior, or do i need to split them into different groups? I'll have three of these 7x4 pens when I'm finished, but I also have 30 butler bobwhite eggs on lockdown... any recommendations of how to spread out my birds? Or do i need to start building new pens?
Good job!! That looks fantastic! *sigh* I wish my hubby would cook for me... I guess I'll have to settle for him building coops for me!!
Yes please!! I know I for one would appreciate it!
I put some 2 liter soda bottles filled with water in the freezer, then stick it out in the pen after they froze, they love to lean up against them! Also, someone mentioned that dust bathing helps them keep cool too! Good luck!
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