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20% corid powder should be 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water for 5 days but you can cut that in half after the 5 days(or use medicated feed) and do it a bit longer to be sure everyone is OK. Vitamin A & K also help by clotting the blood so they don't bleed so easy. They should not be on medicated feed while taking the Corid or regular Vitamins that have thiamin in them. The A & K vitamins are available at Cutler Pheasant supplies on line. good luck with your little ones....
Although is allways harder to tell from pics, they both look like pulletts to us.  Combs would usually be more red on males at 12 weeks.  The cushion feathers would be more pointed on males. The body shape looks female, as do the tails. Male Ameraucana would usually be starting to at least try to crow at that age.
Ameraucanas, Orpingtons, Cornishes, Buff Plymouth Rocks. All are laying some, the Ameraucanas are laying the best. Coop temperature ranging from 20* to 35* most of the time.  Outside has been as low as 0* some nights.No extra light except the red heat lamps on the waterers.
As soon as they get their first feathers you can easily see the difference. The same with Wheaten and Splash Wheaten colors.
We have a few of this years guineas left.  They are 16 weeks old.
Around 5am my wife heard an animal screaming bloody murder behind a neighbors houseMight have been a Fisher cat.
How in the world did a dog catch guineas?
We have more of the Pearl and Royal purple color guineas available.
We have the Pearl and Royal purple colors.
I have a dozen guinea keets available.   Pickup here only.  They are a week old.  I also have more hatching.  Email me if interested.
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