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I have a Marans x Isbar cross too. Very similar egg and hen. She was purchased in a hatching egg assortment.
Quailtrail, I forgot to mention you can also put the egg up to your ear and tap on it. If the chick has broken through the membrane, it will chirp! I had a hatch that I was sure was finished. There were just a last few dud eggs in there, but one that I tapped on chirped loudly and scared me half to death!
Since you are not positive about the date, I would wait another day or two. Then if nothing has happened, you don't have much to lose by opening the bator and taking out some eggs to candle. If you can't see movement, you could try a float test. If you think none of them made it and you are not squeamish about it, you could open them and see how far they developed, or if some weren't fertile, etc.Sorry it isn't going as planned. I hope you wake up to hatching tomorrow!
Chickens out of my ears here, too. Do you think your Marans could have coccidiosis? Everyone's soil is different. I brought a chick here once, 5 weeks old, that looked active and healthy but quickly went downhill. I force-fed some medicated chick feed (not a normal treatment, I realize) and she sprang back. I don't know if diarrhea is a sign of cocci. Is he lethargic?
Really sorry to hear this. You did everything you could.
Good luck with your hatch quailtrail!
I'm supposed to have hatching eggs on the way, so I've started to save some of my own to throw in with them. I can't wait to join everyone in the hatching process! Sounds like you have your hands full, LG!
I'm not sure what kind of incubator you have, but when I hatched in one of those styrofoam incubators with the wire floor I didn't cover it with anything. What were you going to cover it with?
Sorry to hear about your polish roo, anyasmifya! I hope he is able to make a recovery.
mckenny, or anyone else who is hatching, if you need to assist a chick out of the egg, I bookmarked this post. It was helpful to me. I've run out of space under the lights for seedlings. Normally, the onions would be headed out in a couple of weeks, but there's still 3 feet of snow on the garden. I can see the snow gradually retreating. It will be interesting to see when I can actually start...
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