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I am going to be moving from Virginia to New Orleans in August and would like to bring 3-5 of my favorite hens with me. To start with, do chickens (and cats) have to have health certificates to travel from state to state? I've heard many say, "NO, only large farm animals need health certificates". On the other hand I've also hear that each animal DOES have to have one.  Does anyone know if it is necessary?  I'm going to be on a very limited budget and if they don't need...
Thank you Dawg53. I will keep a close eye on rest of the girls and hope for the best. I will also be sure to keep dusting every 7-10 days until I no longer see anything on them. The coop is ready for its spring cleaning anyways so hopefully that will help to kill off the lice or whatever those crawly critters are. Thanks Again!
Since I do not know what killed the hen - would it be better to burry her or wrap her up good and throw her away?  Sorry if that sounds cold. She was not one of my named chickens and was just one of the girls. My biggest worry is having the rest of my chickens or livestock get sick too.
My chickens range in age from 4 years to 1 year. The hen that died was 2 years old. The wormers I used were: first time was Wazine and the 2nd wormer was about 3/4 tablespoon of Ivermectin disolved in water then mixed into 4 pounds of layer pellets.
I'm not sure what is going on. Last night I went to go put the girls to bed and noticed one of my RIR hens was walking around real slowly on the ground. I went to catch her thinking that she would run away like usual. She didn't - she just stood still and let me pick her up and when I set her back down a minute later she almost fell over. I knew she was a goner at that point but I gave her some electrolytes just in case, dusted her vent with a little lice powder since I...
Is it really cost effective to mix your own chicken feed or does it end up costing about the same a buying crumble/pellets?
Wow - your chickens eat better then I do! Lucky birds!!   LOL
Thank you for the info - I didn't realize that raw soybean was toxic! I'll be sure to keep that in mind if I mix my own feed.
Horse feed and chicken feed cost about the same in this area and I have a bunch of coupons for free horse feed. If I can't use straight horse feed with oyster shell on the side, I figured I'd mix 2 bags of horse feed, with a bag of layer feed, and a bag of cracked corn... along with the oyster shell I always feed.
I live on a small hobby farm (19 acres) with all kinds of 4 and 2 legged critters. To cut back on the number of feed barrels that I use, I was wondering if it would be safe to feed my hens a high protein no molasses horse feed instead of layer feed and scratch?? They have pretty much the same stuff in them and the chickens clean up after the horses anyways. Does anyone know if this is an OK feed substitute for chickens??
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