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can't wait to see em!
Okay, so once I get my chicks would it be best to find some F1 imports to intermix with them? I am going to take a wild shot in the dark the 8 I ordered are F2 imports.  The more I read about these guys the more I am falling in if they only came in bantam
Huh I never heard of this breed.. Following
Ugh and people say use Lamacha breeders are cruel?
any fights going on?
Pity you aren't in MS :hides:
Yea our issue is we didn't have a trained one to help train him with us gone.Sadly he trained another dog about how fun chickens are so I have had two chicken injured :
Yea and they can be fence climbers unless there hot wire.
With that breed you have to be there to train them, which we were t and have lost five birds or so
Well were I am at the ducks love the rain, the chickens try to walk on water and the goats give us death glare blaming us for the rain
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