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With that breed you have to be there to train them, which we were t and have lost five birds or so
Well were I am at the ducks love the rain, the chickens try to walk on water and the goats give us death glare blaming us for the rain
These guys are going to be spoil rotten spawns knowing how small they are...I imagine it wouldn't be hard to get into the bantam range...and It would let me have my... Ahem sorry rambling >_>
I live in MS were the humidity is rarely under 50 and more often that not over 75% on a daily basis so dry hatching may be the key for me..
Well, as someone new to this breed going to start hatching next year thank God I just read this.
Good luck sir! And a Merry Christmas to you too!
good luck, I am gonna keep on lurking and drooling ATM I am inner conflict on getting bantams with my Christmas money, cream legbars or more Isbars...before I even got the 8 I ordered
I was planning that honestly, with all this weird weather and what not. ATM i think one got slightly chilled so hanging out with me
Well... Mamma hatched out her babies but I found one in the yard and other one out of the nesting box. Checked her and snagged the other one under her, might have one or two more hatch. I believe sex linked one rooster two hens
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