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Ugh and people say use Lamacha breeders are cruel?
any fights going on?
Pity you aren't in MS :hides:
Yea our issue is we didn't have a trained one to help train him with us gone.Sadly he trained another dog about how fun chickens are so I have had two chicken injured :
Yea and they can be fence climbers unless there hot wire.
With that breed you have to be there to train them, which we were t and have lost five birds or so
Well were I am at the ducks love the rain, the chickens try to walk on water and the goats give us death glare blaming us for the rain
These guys are going to be spoil rotten spawns knowing how small they are...I imagine it wouldn't be hard to get into the bantam range...and It would let me have my... Ahem sorry rambling >_>
I live in MS were the humidity is rarely under 50 and more often that not over 75% on a daily basis so dry hatching may be the key for me..
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