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my problem is my girls hatch out more roosters then hens rehomed over 20 last year.
110 pounds here if I am lucky
lmao they don't figure it out till I am cackling while they try to grab me. Owning goats have taught me rapid reflex to stop escape artists so it easy to apply when you are avoiding to be caught.
I am petitier then petite TBH, freak people out when I lug hay bales and feed bags. Also how wiggle and slipper I am when it comes to hand holds and trying to trap me for the hat I maaay of stole from them
Lmao if it makes you feel better I'm only 5' 1 1/2" tall though I also don't believe in fighting fair either sooo.. (thank you marine father and navy mother! )
oh we got stuff in the woodpile here but in the south that isn't a good thing to be proud of
am I that scary?
TBH I barely notice unless there a dozen on my arm/leg Gotta see what this property will produce but I gave up on flip flops around the farm in general
those four are the main for me but I have a little bit extra of other things too but NA is my largest percentage so that what I put on paperwork :car
then never rile me Dad got the Sicilian/NA mom the German/Scott with a few other minorities plus a smidge of Native in her
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