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it more like having made prior commitments and plans. I am skipping a dear friend wedding because of the shows with how things timed out, plus money does not grow on trees I should add :coffee
lol I more worry when introducing new roosters since they are more likely to be "stupid" then hens tbh. My hens normally settle quickly with fresh meat.
may may-early June is my last major 4H thing and then I am free unless the photography trip comes up in spring break again. Horse shows I may or may not do, don't fully know. We plan on milking once a day so that will make life a lot easier plus selling off a few does this year.
Night, but I have done it in the day with little to no issue :shrug
lol my dad has one if he grows it out long enough
haha I would love it, you can do a lot of styles actually!
either way I request it after Feb of next year I got livestock shows Jan and Feb I can't miss.
have duct tape will travel. That my motto, they can't out do the ankle bitters I deal in 4H either.
Lol wish my hair was that fluffy!
Oh god ewww I don't eat that crap anymore but still the thought
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