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Well I miss the comedy show this morning
lol if it makes you feel better it took me five years to fix that
dangit We didn't plan to have six dogs it just...happened plus one cat and a snake in the house.
Sorry working on guy sketch Hey granny I have more buddies for you! Got five dogs for ya!
fixed! I'm giving faces to characters of a possible story updating some very old character sketches that been needed badly!
unfortunately for this character the idea wouldn't fit haha. She a Dutchess (in the story arc becomes a queen) that rather, harsh to put it politely
same, my sense of direction is lacking
ahh yes. Thank you!I am use to being lazy and doing either extreme pixies or long flowing locks lol
like jagged around the edge?The curly hair I am still learning, the first one I was face palming that I made a evil looking Elsa in a sense lol.
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