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its funny
I know right? And vet school? For a VET TECH?! *Dies again*
sure, why not...
naw, online courses here why go into debt to most likely be flipping burgers? anyway, what I wanna do, online courses are the cheapest, by FAR
ugh, pouring milk into bottles.. having to use a stepstool
MS here... Joy. *dies*
as I stated, sometimes it very hard to do so XD be proud your most likely the only one able to knit (?) here...
Haven't taken it...yet, dunno if I'll have to take it either... *has no clues what tests a homeschooler must take to past school*
when you mess up, make it into a bird! There is no mistake in art dearie  Though, in watercolor, its hard to turn a centaur into a bird... Very hard.
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