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LOL been doodling. Got no big trees, and parents would KILL ME (XD)
Okay, been tiring and frustrating.
LOL I am ;) Its okay ferlin jjust give some USA grammar training on military stuff XD
Well we have Native american in us, but because of the racial tension it was 'hidden' Actually ARMY is the correct term XD (the capitals.)
Well my mom side is all hacked up :/ Dad is a little easier. Oh, BTW ARMY means "Ain't Ready to be Marines Yet."
Very. I don't know much of mine though :/
My mom was in the Navy, my dad was in the Marine Corp. My mom's dad was army, and I think on my dad's side his grandfather was in the airforce?
Post it then.
Cangratz. Do ya know what A.R.M.Y means?
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