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Okay, that is a logical reason. thought it twas because of the bootcamp ;) Oh yea LOL Careful baby ;)
just sent that to my dad random ;)
Why didn't you? The proud, the Few. Yea XD You should see the navy VS marine fights in the house :P
I want him to reply though XD
HEY random what does A.R.M.Y mean?! I know ya are on!!
XD Can you explain Eenie?
We live in the boondocks XD I could sit on the goat toys to be harass for petting by the animals though XD Deertaurs/centaurs....
LOL been doodling. Got no big trees, and parents would KILL ME (XD)
Okay, been tiring and frustrating.
LOL I am ;) Its okay ferlin jjust give some USA grammar training on military stuff XD
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