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I will try but mama hen is a *itch, but in a good way.
with the blue beak, black eyes and pink legs so do I. Sorta tempted that if I like the cross to attempt it again just wait I need another project..
had one hatch a single odd ball chick. Hoping it a hen since I have too many roosters. Is the weirdest cross ever haha.
morning/afternoon.I have the "useless" one fee ranging the ones I don't worry if they become hawk bait, is that bad? The important ones are in a run with a cover.
lol I have half the number but might as well have 39 :FB I got a picture I need to post when Am on my phone again to show the "pit of spawns"
briefly on beforr milking, so goodmorning!
I am so sorry granny, at least she in a better place now away from that evil man.
G'night all. I had a broody hatch one chick that is the oddest looking bird ever, part Hona, part Malay and part Krainkoppe curious on what it will look like. Pink legs, blue beak, grey comb and black as coal eyes. Will try pictures tomorrow if she doesn't Attack
yup dad love it.
rare is mooing lol.
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