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Both parents need to have tufts to have the lethal gene. The chick needs to have two copies of the tuft gene.
You need to check out this thread. Great info.  My understanding is that EEs can be used with the Quechua to add more diversity to the Quechua.  I have a few Sweet Potato Quechua that I have crossed with my Ameruacanas.  The Quechua have a smaller head and body type.  Much more wild looking.  There is a Quechua thread here also.
I would love to get some BQO eggs myself.  Please add me to the list.
He must be related to my Sailor.    He looked very similar to him when he was young.Here is a  juvenile pic...
Thank you for finding out for us!Good to know.
I can not wait to hear the answer to this. 
I have a question about temperament.  How should Quechua roosters behave?  I assumed they should get along well with other roosters.  I just recently culled a beautiful Sweet Potato crossed with an Ameruacana.  He had a large pen with multiple ladies.  He lived with another cockerel.  He flew out of his pen and attacked and almost killed my Faverolles rooster.  I have never had something happen like this.  I would love to get some feedback from anyone with experience with...
i apologize for getting upset.  It can be frustrating dealing with breeders in general.  I have worked with Aruacanas mostly and not very good feedback from them having to do with Colloncas.  I love my Olmec hen.  I unfortunately lost one of my hens to a predator last week.  I love the black skin and eyes.  I would love to work with them more.  I plan on working on a project and I will try and keep people updated.   Thank you Yashar for the PMs and that link. 
So, I  guess this is directed at me.  I never have tried to pass off any of my birds without communication of exactly what they are.  I am not trying to sell my birds as anything but maybe locally as colored egg layers.  I have Aruacanas, Ameruacanas, Colloncas, Quechua, and a small amount of Olmecs.  I am crossing some of my South American birds to improve what I have.  I will not be sharing photos on this thread.  I am disappointed about the education so far about these...
I can take her if you are heading towards Puyallup anytime soon.  Pm me if you want to set something up.
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