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I have a question about temperament.  How should Quechua roosters behave?  I assumed they should get along well with other roosters.  I just recently culled a beautiful Sweet Potato crossed with an Ameruacana.  He had a large pen with multiple ladies.  He lived with another cockerel.  He flew out of his pen and attacked and almost killed my Faverolles rooster.  I have never had something happen like this.  I would love to get some feedback from anyone with experience with...
i apologize for getting upset.  It can be frustrating dealing with breeders in general.  I have worked with Aruacanas mostly and not very good feedback from them having to do with Colloncas.  I love my Olmec hen.  I unfortunately lost one of my hens to a predator last week.  I love the black skin and eyes.  I would love to work with them more.  I plan on working on a project and I will try and keep people updated.   Thank you Yashar for the PMs and that link. 
So, I  guess this is directed at me.  I never have tried to pass off any of my birds without communication of exactly what they are.  I am not trying to sell my birds as anything but maybe locally as colored egg layers.  I have Aruacanas, Ameruacanas, Colloncas, Quechua, and a small amount of Olmecs.  I am crossing some of my South American birds to improve what I have.  I will not be sharing photos on this thread.  I am disappointed about the education so far about these...
I can take her if you are heading towards Puyallup anytime soon.  Pm me if you want to set something up.
I am interested.  You have one?
The rumpless ones are a cross between my Colloncas rooster and Olmec hen. I do not have an Olmec rooster.
Thank you for sharing.  Wonderful pics.  Lovely little birds.  I will have to get some once I have a bantam area set up.  Please keep us updated.
X3 on the fermented feed.  I find I have far less wasted feed.  I have been using it for almost two years now  I do not see myself going back
Just want you to know.  I am in love with this cockerel.  Olmec I presume.  Do you have eggs to sell fertilized by him?
Just checking if anyone in the Pierce county area might have some hatching eggs to sell.  I am looking for Araucanas or Faverolles.  I have two broody hens that have been sitting for the last week.  Most of my birds are raising babies so I have no eggs.  Just PM me if you have some.  Thank you.
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