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I am so sorry cluck cluck.  I know you were attached to your boy.  I do not understand the hatred some people have for roosters.  I was very sad to get rid of my Crev roosters.  My angry neighbor is an acre away.  The roosters I have now do not crow as much as the Crevs did.  I am legal to have roosters where I live.  I always have a creeping fear that my neighbor will follow through with his threat of suing me.  Again I am sorry for you.  I hope you can move.  No matter...
Hey, if they are bantams at least you will not loose your shoulder bird! 
Faverolles always has an s on the end plural or singular I thought.  Like Marans another french breed.  Maybe I am wrong.
Thank you for all that info.  I need to weigh my boy.  Something I need to start doing with selecting which cockerels to keep from this year.    My little guy I had must of been Fudge's son.  I loved how he looked.  I wish I could of gotten a few more of his offspring.  He sure was small though.  He looked better later on than in this photo.  He still was not quite a year.
I will add a few questions.  Does my rooster have good type?  I am still having a hard time judging this with Faverolles. What should I look for in pullets I purchase to use with him and or his best son for next year's breeding season? Is his color acceptable? 
I am a new breeder of Faverolles. I finished hatching my second generation of birds this year.  I started with many hatching eggs from good breeders.  I hope to purchase more pullets from the  same line most of my birds came from.  This is my first rooster I used.  I no longer have him. I picked him because to me he had nice type.  He was very small was his problem.  All his son were small.  I have one nice pullet from him.  She is lacking in size also. This is my...
Hey everyone.   Just wanted to let everyone know that the lovely favs are going to be featured this weekend on the CSU thread.  Hope to see all you Fav breeders there.
I would say you have a pullet there.  I do not see any pointy saddle or hackle feathers.  She is very interesting looking.  What a color combo.
Here is my two..  
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