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All mine crow quite a bit.  All day plus my early crower.  He likes to start at 4:00.  It seems they take quite a while to get started.  I have birds of different breeds who crow months younger than my Fav boys. Once they get going they will crow plenty.  I think they have a nice sounding crow though.  
I would be most concerned about all that yellow on their beaks/legs.  They should have white skin.  Look forward seeing chicks you get from Urch or Exop.  I sure miss my boys.  It is a lot quieter with them gone.  My other roosters just do not crow as much.  
Pullets.  No doubt.  
Not much experience here.  I can make a comment about something I noticed.  Looks like you have some white earlobes going on.  Not something you want in your birds.  I remember reading somewhere on this thread about that being a problem with hens in this breed. Hope someone with more experience comments soon.  
I have a purple layer.  She is a Marans Araucana cross.  Here is a few pics of her eggs.  Beautiful color.  They have faded to a light brown now.  I bred her with an Ameraucana cock.  I can hardly wait to see what her offspring lay.  
Cloverleaf and Cloverleaf Farms are one in the same.  I highly recommend her!   Nice birds.  
  Nice.  Love the tufts on that first pullet.  She is going to be a looker. 
See it is like a treasure hunt!  Treasure.  I found treasure!
I agree with dak.  One of the reasons I like this thread is because of the chatting.  I have bid, bought and listed eggs on this thread.  There is auctions listed if this thread is to confusing.  I like looking through this one.   
Both look like boys to me.  
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