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How embarrassing for me . After 50+ years around and raising chickens I find I do not know a hen from a rooster . I think I will go hide under my chair .
Well look at the vent ( exit ramp) a laying hen will have a large moist pliable vent a rooster or pullet not laying will have a small tight opening . I suspect you have other chickens that are laying .
I have no complaints about the trigger speed . On rare occasions I get a empty pic . Running game is hard to get a picture of on any camera . Depends if you point it down a trail or across the trail and if the animal approaches in the predicted direction .
From this picture definitely not Ameraucana . Looks more like a Japanese bantam mix .
I take it you are fairly new to chickens and still learning . Expect no eggs from him .
EE at best . No beard and comb seems to be intermediate between single and pea .
  These are not bad pictures in my opinion . Low cost cameras are all I use . These take 4 c batteries . I use rechargeable batteries .
Ellie Mae is a handsome rooster .
You can breed for certain colors but most do not . I have enough experience and like to tinker with genetics . Since EE are not a recognized breed anything goes .
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