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Cockerel . Weighed him at 4 lbs. 4 oz.
  My broody duck . About 3 weeks and counting . These may take longer as she was with a Muscovy drake . 11 eggs when I found her a couple weeks ago while cutting weeds .
Here is the trio . Not the best picture . In isolation for now .
This morning when I went to my subscriptions they popped up then vanished to be replaced by no subscription activity . Still showed subscriptions and personal message in the normal spot . I now have to go to my profile to get them . This happened last year and it took several months to be corrected . I still have problems with a BYC online and not responding message when page can not be displayed . A ether net connection helped some as it does not time out as quick as the...
No . By using a barred male with 2 barring genes all chicks will be barred . Not sexable at hatch as the males will be single barred . For sex links you need barred hens and a non barred male .
Mike and myself are the two still breeding . John has been with us a long time but joined a little later . We did all that in a span of about 10 years .
Looks like one is black so not a Rouen . Go to utube and look up vent sexing ducklings . It may tell you best done at day old but try it anyway . Not hard to learn . Otherwise you just have to wait it out .
This would explain what you have . You have a black split for lavender with silver leakage . Lavender males have a silvery look in the hackles and saddle . This allows leakage to be missed by the breeder . When crossed to black it shows up . This is how I test the lavenders for leakage . A clean lavender split rooster over lavender hens will give you a better chance of lavender males without leakage . Hens do not show leakage but can pass it on .
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