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I pen a hen the night before I expect her to lay. Let her out after she lays. I eventually find who lays what egg.
I had ether used on me as a child for tonsil surgery. It is very fast acting. No burning lungs. A little hard to stay awake later as I was still exhaling a lot of ether. Went away rather fast.
I bought some fruit trees today. Plums methely & shiro  pear moonglow and 2 rome apples. Could not resist. 2 1/2 gallon potted. $9.98 each at Wal Mart
$40.00 on the bielefelder eggs
Thanks for posting and updating. It helps the newbies to see how each breeder handles a project. Different approaches and yet the same results as the goal. Somewhere among these beginners are the future of the breed and club. Yes I sometimes get tired of the old question is this a Ameraucana but on those days I try to be quiet. Let someone else answer when I am not in the mood.  
The lavenders were more green eggs and not good layers when I got them. Plus size was a problem. I improved egg color and laying by using some project dominant white hens split for black. The white was easy to select away from. Size was still lacking. Next I added size from some larger lavender. Greenish eggs showed again. I next added a Smith split. I now have some good egg color,size better type good layers. Selection is ongoing. It takes time. Remember  John Blehm used...
$30.00 on the Bielefelder  eggs.
It really depends on the bloodline more than the color variety. Each breeder has their own goals and priority. Myself I value utility. This is after all a dual purpose breed. A good show  bird will have size so no problem there. Egg laying can and does vary a lot. Myself I try to improve egg laying. The white variety  is the easiest to improve laying through diversity followed by lavender. This is only my opinion based on personal experience. White can cover any color....
To try and put this issue in perspective look at other hatchery breeds. They also have the same problem. A hatchery Wyandotte,leghorn,rhode island red and others do not meet the breed standard. While they may do ok in 4H they are not show stock. I hunt with beagles and same problem in this breed. A field bred beagle is seldom a show candidate and a show bred beagle is seldom a good hunter. A gundog bred beagle is seldom suitable for show and in many cases not field trail...
Well that is how it is. Brown is basically from blood somehow. So blood stained on the outside.
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