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Oops I mean next years shows- RB March and Modesto is feb.
I judged Manteca along with Jim last year and it was a great show. Modesto will have a huge TT in Feb this year and then Red Bluff will have a show and I think its late March
Depends what you are breeding for. The white is my American serama and the other is my project bird as I am trying to get a bit more extreme. It's a great question. He does not fit into the American serama group.
Some of the wheaten girls  
I have 2 cabinet bators and they hatch low compared to my brinsea that I hatch my seramas in. I have hatched them for 6 years and watch humidity and temp. I keep at 99.5-100 and at day 18 stop turning. I find that if they die out its around day14 and on hatch. I keep humidity at 40 up to day 18 then 60 humidity.
A few of the birds  
one of my up and coming boys
My boy still growing the tail but promising
what color? Buff laced? Gold Laced?
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