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A raccoon is simply being its wild self and trying to survive.  If they get one of your birds, it's nothing personal.  Why hate? Prevention is the more logical course, in my opinion.
She's a beautiful dog, SarahFair, but she's a Belgian Malinois, not a German Shepherd.
da rules...12. We strongly discourage religious and political topics and reserve the right to delete them at our discretion.Why do people still post these topics? It never ends well...
The grocery store I used to shop at in California had a store brand that I adored, and their milk chocolate ice cream with swirls of peanut butter through it was to DIE for! How I miss it...
Well, her rallying of yesterday evening seems to be over.  She really can't even hold her head up now, yet she is still alive.  If she's still alive tomorrow morning, I'm going to take her with me to work and see if the vet I work for will euthanize her.  I can't stand to see sweet little Begonia suffer like this.
Hi Cheeper, you're a cute lil' chickie! A Cochin, perhaps?
UPDATE! I just checked on her again, and she's eating her laying pellets! What the heck, from death's door to eating in 6 hours? Dare I hope?
Hugh! Your babies are darling, I love the feathery feet on the Cochins!I'm from San Jose, and I remember spending a lot of happy hours in the Santa Cruz mountains.  Hug a tree for me, willya?
She's a sex-link, Golden Comet variety.  I could always recognize her by her one huge white feather in her wing. I just checked on her, and she's still alive...
What a loving and uplifting thing for you to share with all of us, thank you!
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