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I've seen them at But they seem to be a pretty new breed coming into the stores. Never heard of them before this year.
Welcome and congrats to seminolewind & TwoCrows! Now it would be nice if someone would explain what happened to the old mods. Speckledhen's the only one who got a public announcement, as far as I know. Yet 8 other mods have disappeared, with eggchel and kstaven being the most recent.
*pokes MH*
Nope. It's down for me too.
Pretty good. How are things with you?
I see you lurking there, Magnificent Queen Gerbil McEbilskeever the 31st. >.>
MPC and Stromberg's hatchery have some, but they're rather expensive compared to normal. Hatcheries this spring where ridiculously overloaded I hear, so it's unlikely many have chicks left if they aren't the sort that have hatches 52 weeks a year.
Fallen? Fallen?! I have not "fallen". I just don't spend all my internet time on this one site, checking every post on GJF, lurking on RR and reading some of what comes up on the slow-moving Hobbies section like I used to. What happened over the week and 4 days? I'm still here.
Oh, and (a slightly belated) Congrats to you on your swearing into the army, CR!
I really need to follow this thread more often. >.>I believe it was wooingwyandotte who had a cottage. *repeats* Calm down.. You sound like you're getting exited about it all over again. The point is that now that someone's said I might leave, I shall superglue my paws to this thread. ...And get a force shield. xD Usually I'm the one trying to attack you, but plan to stay in place and defend myself this time.
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