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Now that's a good cause to get a GFM. I love BYC, and really appreciate all the time and work put into it. But as much as advertising is necessary, I must say, having a glaring full-page promotion on every page doesn't exactly make it enjoyable.
Never posted here in the past, but have lurked and think it's a fantastic idea. God bless you you and your family for all you've done in this ministry. It's been over a year since this topic was last posted on, or that I last saw it. And today someone just said the word "ministry", so that reminded me that I just had to check on this thread. How is this project coming along?
So glad all 9 seasons were finally uploaded to youtube. I though vheed was the last place that had them, apart from the studio itself.
"Maybe." He yawned and headed for the bed._____________________________They puffed up to look to big to carry off._____________________________He ate it, a little too quickly._____________________________(?)The wolves started howling and the leopard clearly started getting nervous.
"Nothing bad is going to happen." Slightly moved by her crying, he approached and kissed her. Unfortunately his breath reeked of whiskey as well.___________________________________They followed walked along with him, eager to explore the gardens again.__________________________________He watched and worked on his hunting gear.________________________________"Good." The cat replied and walked out. Talon sniffed the air cautiously and smelled the scent of a canine that had...
"Do you somehow see Ykrus in me?!" Her relation to him and Ykrus through school was annoying him to no end.______________________"Oh." They continued tenderly high-stepping through the grass.______________________"Sounds good."_____________________(Timeskip to later? The cat can sleep for long periods thanks to the long winter snows he gets there.)
"You and your fear of drinking." He grumbled. "Veratix will treat her well... Kelt was another matter."_____________________"Who?" They looked at him like he had six ears.____________________(Thats it after this. Poker is too much for me. xq )*blink* He checked his cards.____________________A twitch of his whiskers was the only response.
He came in and closed to door. "What in the world is wrong with you today?"_________________________________They joined him in the clearing, their steps calculated so they wouldn't touch too much wet grass._________________________"Yes." He smiled.________________________Talon shifted slightly and stayed in his half asleep/awake state for a bit.
"Let me in!" He growled, in no mood to bargain.___________________________They ran alongside his path, but away from the trees there.___________________________"Oh, okay." *shows cards*__________________________He started waking up.
Thanks. ... And just to keep this going, my fav character happens to be Granny / Irene Ryan. She's awesome in every episode... except I'm not a fan of her cooking.
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