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Welcome and congrats to seminolewind & TwoCrows! Now it would be nice if someone would explain what happened to the old mods. Speckledhen's the only one who got a public announcement, as far as I know. Yet 8 other mods have disappeared, with eggchel and kstaven being the most recent.
*pokes MH*
Nope. It's down for me too.
Pretty good. How are things with you?
I see you lurking there, Magnificent Queen Gerbil McEbilskeever the 31st. >.>
MPC and Stromberg's hatchery have some, but they're rather expensive compared to normal. Hatcheries this spring where ridiculously overloaded I hear, so it's unlikely many have chicks left if they aren't the sort that have hatches 52 weeks a year.
Fallen? Fallen?! I have not "fallen". I just don't spend all my internet time on this one site, checking every post on GJF, lurking on RR and reading some of what comes up on the slow-moving Hobbies section like I used to. What happened over the week and 4 days? I'm still here.
Oh, and (a slightly belated) Congrats to you on your swearing into the army, CR!
I really need to follow this thread more often. >.>I believe it was wooingwyandotte who had a cottage. *repeats* Calm down.. You sound like you're getting exited about it all over again. The point is that now that someone's said I might leave, I shall superglue my paws to this thread. ...And get a force shield. xD Usually I'm the one trying to attack you, but plan to stay in place and defend myself this time.
Doesn't sound too good. Hope you figure out what it is soon enough. O.oOkay, goodnight!
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