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@micah wotring @BunnynChicks Oh no no no. I don't know where you heard that, but I will not stand for people thinking BYC was like that. These new generations of BYC'ers must know the truth! Here is a screenshot of BYC before it changed, which I'd taken for posterity back then. Nothing like it. Feel free to go to the wayback machine too, for a better-quality view. ....I've...
If you memorize most of the codes you usually use, just go to preferences and switch back to the BBcode editor, and you'll be able to use them on the desktop/fullscreen version. Even for those you don't use often, it's the same as Rich Text in that you'll only just have to click them. It's just that the code appears on your text rather than the emoticons
Every fullpage ad is horrible, but I suppose it's necessary. It shouldn't last more than 3 days, and they don't do it that often. I'm just thankful it isn't like that neon green one we had one time before. Press ctrl and the + button at the same time to magnify the page so you can't see the sides anymore, or scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and use the mobile setting. It's kinda awkward at first, but it works.
I've seen them at But they seem to be a pretty new breed coming into the stores. Never heard of them before this year.
Welcome and congrats to seminolewind & TwoCrows! Now it would be nice if someone would explain what happened to the old mods. Speckledhen's the only one who got a public announcement, as far as I know. Yet 8 other mods have disappeared, with eggchel and kstaven being the most recent.
*pokes MH*
Nope. It's down for me too.
Pretty good. How are things with you?
I see you lurking there, Magnificent Queen Gerbil McEbilskeever the 31st. >.>
MPC and Stromberg's hatchery have some, but they're rather expensive compared to normal. Hatcheries this spring where ridiculously overloaded I hear, so it's unlikely many have chicks left if they aren't the sort that have hatches 52 weeks a year.
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