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Doesn't sound too good. Hope you figure out what it is soon enough. O.oOkay, goodnight!
*polishes spurs and puts them away*Really? I can't think of any conversation we've had that was similar to this.
I said usually. Some people do get stuff past me. >.> And sometimes something is worth taking seriously, whether nor not it's precise.
Yes, they are.Hope you get better quickly. Being unable to do things while sick is quite possibly one of the most frustrating feelings. Hi Gerbil!
Hope you don't kill off anyone my cats know. Why are RP characters considered so expendable?
You've got my attention. xD
Looking up more fractals, thanks to Fierlin's post. How are you?
Yes, I can usually tell when not to take something too seriously. But I must disagree that hyperbole are actually as awesome as you and Eenie think. Hi MH
Hey. Yeah, it's been a while. I've been doing well, thanks. And you?
I knew I couldn't have been the only one to actually use lol in an offline conversation.
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