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Sorry to disappoint, but I've never heard of muslin being used as a material for gowns or any other clothes, just for cheesemaking.
I'm not going rogue or chocolate rabbit anytime soon, don't worry. Not much. Browsing, lurking, and RP'ing once in a while. You?
*has no idea of what to do in a regency situation* Um, hi? Welcome to BYC!
I have, and never denied it. xDThat video was rather disturbing, though. I am sociable. I just had no idea so many people would come and post now!
Okay, but titles aren't everything, y'know. Just like my pinterest board has nothing to do with chinchillas. (Don't look so surprised. *blink* When I see something to reply to, I post.)
Hi. Yes, it has been a while. It's nice to see you pop in here. MH, I post on other sites besides BYC and LLFM, but will always be around or lurk on BYC. It's been opened on this computer everyday for the past four years, and that's not changing even if I don't post.
Not at all! It was entirely about alpacas. xD
From the couple of incidents I've seen, they'll pass the Styrofoam in smaller pieces due to the gizzard grinding it up, but it remains otherwise unchanged.
It all has to do with your area and level of predators. I've been free-ranging several years, and strangely enough, the only predator that has ever killed my chickens was one that tried to get into the coop. For me the only con was I needed more fencing than I thought... Chickens are sneaky. Pros: Less feed consumed. Healthier chickens. Insect population lowered. Higher nutrition in eggs. Less work needed on the coop. (You don't need a run if your birds are free-ranged....
I remember you as well. It's certainly been a long time. Glad to hear you're alright!
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