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Gary, my Rhodebar is in the broody breaker.   I thought she was getting there.  Didn't want to get off of her egg yesterday, then I heard it..cluck..cluck..cluck..  Today, I let her go to the nest box to see if she would lay again.  Waited a egg.  She fluffed up.  I got the cage out.  She is outside under the apple trees. Poor thing, she got loose when I went to give her water earlier..she ran faster than any hen I've ever seen run..back to that nest box.   :/ ...
Pears??   We have a pear tree, but we still have a good month and a half before they are ripe!   Apples too.
I would like to bring these guys please.          
Did someone say party?  Again?  Man, this is one big partying thread!   Can I bring the guests again?    Oh wait.  Did I miss the last party?      I know that I was going to brings some guests.  They got invited.  Wonder if they went, and I forgot. 
Oh dear.  I said rock!  Meant barred something.   :/ She is in a broody breaker.  I went to refill her waterer because she knocked it over in there, she ran faster than I've ever seen a hen run back to the nest box.   Guess she'll be in there for a few days.  I don't need another broody right now.  
Puddin..adorable!   Edit to say, I just clicked on those white eyelashes.  :D
Where is it?
Barney's are the best.   :) 
Rhodebars go broody?   My girl has laid almost every single day for a couple of months now.   Wow.  Smaller eggs than what I hoped fact, quite small for such a large bird.  But, does she handle the heat!  The others will be standing there with their wings out and panting, and she is walking around normal.  I will see her wings out a bit once in a while, but not often.  Wonder if she will be good in the winter too..a hardy bird. But, broody?   Ugh, I just had a...
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