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Oh wow!  I love your flower photos.  I am a flower person.   I took some of my roses this spring.  I just planted them last year.  Was really worried I wouldn't do everything right with they are blooming.  Those you have are so elegant looking..just some that around your place?
Ok, can't quite it her leg she is favoring?   I just went through this with one of my birds.   All I could figure out was that she hurt herself getting off of the roost..or even fell off of in the night.   She limped for a while..I checked her for bumble foot..not I could tell it was up in her thigh.  I had also checked for sores anywhere on the leg.  Couldn't..see..anything wrong but her limping.  She got better within two weeks. 
Red, mine are loving grapes.  I should get out the frozen peas!
Oh!  I am so glad you posted this.  I have a white baby out there that is probably going to look like this.  She ..pretty sure now is a also a non NN.  Frizzling right out there.  Awww. she is going to be pretty.   Also came from Diane.   :)  Had a white NN that was getting frizzled..but it was a boy.  Went to a friend.  
I bet he meant ..  smooth.  I love the smooth eggs.  Yep.
Had a hawk scare the other day.   I went out just in time.  I was facing away from the house, looking at my little ones in the grow out pen.  I turned just in time to see a hawk..a huge one..come over the front yard apple tree.  That bird had to have been circling and watching.  They are always up high. Well, it got a surprise by the time it cleared that tree..there I was.  My brain clicked in pretty quick.  I hurried a few steps forward with my arms up yelling and...
The cat photos reminded me of this one.  
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