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That is so good to hear.  I told this person that you had a friend that had some in there, and that she may have gotten them mixed up with his seramas.  I'm glad that someone else did well.  :)   Contrats! 
sundance, did you notice who won at the fair.  I'm told that the same guy that wins every yr. won again!  This is why Brandi worked so hard to get more chickens into the fair.  Did any of your friends birds win??   Anything? 
SCG, so going to try that apple butter recipe.  We have two really nice apple trees getting close, have one our front, but don't trim it back, I love the looks of the tree too much to trim it.  Was here like this when we moved, that tree is full!  What a mess when those small apples fall.  Wait, does it matter what kind of apples are used..going back to recipe.  Need to save it somewhere. 
Ace, looks great!  My red paint on my big coop has faded.  My straight out coop as we call it, has not ever been painted.  :/
trans..that looks great!    SCG..haven't had apple butter in a while.  I will only find it on a grocery shelf here.  No one makes it that I know of.  My grandmother used to make it.   She also made something else.  This was in VA back in the 70's...let's see if anyone else has, or does make this.   She used Molasses...I have used honey.  Then peanut butter,  then some butter..mix together.  That's it.  No real measurements, just put what you want in the mix.  Onto a...
Oh man, haven't had some good spare ribs in a long time, that's what we call them..BBQ of course.   Mary, finally got your videos to work..wouldn't yesterday on here.  Better today.   That baby trying to crow, too funny.  I want it if it never gets it's crow.  We can't have crowing roosters around.  Have had a gal try and get hers decrowed, didn't work.  I want a rooster so bad.   Then, ha..that other one behind the door.  It was...croaking, or so it seemed all right. ...   What?   That yell has to mean...FOOD! But, what gets me is how they all go to each other, and not just to him at first.   They are heading for the very large closet.
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