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Wow, I've always wanted to live out where I could have animals..back in the day..horses..but, you have critters around you! Big time. Big ones!  Sorry about the loss of them.  I can just see chickens running around on this property, too bad they would have to be caged to keep them safe when there is so much land to roam on.And, once I saw .. another photo of a horse, besides your avatar, I went to check out your that the same horse by chance..the one that looks...
And....X's 2 again... 
 X's 2..
You only have how many chickens..did someone mention chicken math? 
Fun, and informative.  You will like it here..pretty sure...yep!
Anything you want to know about the chicken world, the duck world, the goose world, heck, even the old folks world, you will find it here.   Fun to go to your own states thread and meet up with those that are near by.  
Deb, how fun!  I love horses.  I used to ride back in the good ol younger days.  That's a great looking horse.   And, a great looking piece of property!  
Oh, there it is!   What a sweet little doll..I'm sure that you've told her that all of us here have been pulling for her.  Wish I could give that sweetheart a hug!Thank you for posting this.  :) 
That's us Mormons for ya..we know how to have fun without the drink, and without the fallin down.  Yep.
Photos of one of my favorite pullets out there now.  Sundance gave me some eggs, I kept this girl out of the hatch.  She is adorable!   She is joined at the hip with the white EE.  She is pretty too.  I think I have a thing for white birds.  :)
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