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Ooo, I love pictures of pipped eggs!   How exciting...won't be long.   We will be having ourselves a lot of baby photos!  
Are you sure your hydrometer is working right?  Sounds like you have put a lot of water in there.  Make sure you don't get ANY condensation on the windows!   Not sure what you bator is, guessing you have wells..we'll go with that..fill them, then a couple of sponges..should be good.  Just catching up ,,, now I'll read on and see that you have a different bator.  :)
Nah.   :)  
What?  At this time of year?  I used to live there.  I don't remember it getting that cold.  I remember it was a big deal if we got a foot of snow, then the schools were trying to decide if there would be school or not..because of buses running.  That was back in the 60's.   Here, the buses run when we've had 4 or 5 ft. of snow.  They are always ready for snow in the winter.
Hoping I get to bed sooner than last night!!   :D
Not too bad..that's a lot of chicks coming your way!   Do you keep most? 
I can't wrap my arms around you enough to show how grateful I am to all of the help, fun, and games.  All I can say is WOW!   You all put a lot into this.  Sally, Ron, Happy Chooks, Mickey, Gardingmama...Nifty Chicken for keeping this nice big BYC going.   You and others that I probably am not even aware of!  Thank you!!
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