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I know it is very rare I'm so happy there fertile I can't wait for them to hatch so far there doing Great. 
I will add pictures as soon as they hatch so far they are due around the end of nov. 
*BIN* My Mandarin ducks started laying 8 days ago I now have 6 in my incubator with babies in them.  I’m only going to sell a few eggs as we are going to hatch the rest of them.  I will sell 2 sets of 2 eggs per set for $40ea set so you will receive 2 eggs per set.  I can’t guarantee your hatch rate there are to many factors with shipping hatching eggs, incubator issues etc. that I have no control over.  Right now they are 100% fertile Shipping to the lower 48 states...
Thank you I love them they are one of my Fav ducks. I can't wait to see there babies hatch out!   I have only Heard of one person getting there mandarins to lay year around but if you do they will run out of eggs at a younger age so if they have enough eggs for 7 years you would cut this in half so 3.5 years of laying 24/7  this is what I was told but I’m not going to say they no what there doing.
I like the Chocolate, Silver and Lavenders
they will be 2 years old all have paired up and are sitting on there nest boxs
I love the spots on them what colors will they be??    
Hi everyone I have not been on here in a long time it looks like there are lots of very cute babies!! I have a Question for Celtic do you have any experiences with Mandarin ducks?? I have been told over and over again that they will start nesting and laying in Feb/Mar but My girls just starting laying eggs about 5 days ago, and I conformed the first ones tonight in the incubator are fertile I can see Babies moving Are my Birds just odd or ???     
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