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Wow, I kind of stopped BYC when the whole entire website change thing went down! I guess I'm an elder now haha! It changed soooo much and I was just like naw I'll give it time, but I've gotten so busy and less interested in chickens but wow haha! It's been too long!
Well, its still there! I got an egg thats grey with green spots haha its description is "This egg has bright spots"
I havent been on in over a year... I wonder if my cave is still there haha!
I found this photo of a modern game and she reminds me of this but less lanky and tall. shes such a shortie but her legs are long. How much bigger will she get? I have no idea if shes even a she haha.
I was going to make a prom Tudy, then a Spanish Tudy and it ended up being an allstar cheerleading Tudy. My sister was listening to cheer music so I was like oh, lets try this haha! I drew everything that was already not on Tudy on Paint freehanded haha! It took almost two hours and its definitely not as fabulous as some of the entires on here! haha I tried.
I think its a baby rooster. Im not sure what breed though,sorry.
I'm going to say lavender Orpington:)
I have birds just like this, they are Cochins and appear to be roosters. The blue one has a very red comb and my hens have barely any visible comb at all at that age. The black one appears to be developing red wattles which is always a telltale sign for me that they are roosters. The good thing is though, Cochin roosters tend to be very docile and if they grew up together, they typically dont fight very much. It would still be advisable to keep them for a while to...
Hey guys! Teeny is a chick I got from TSC in their bantam bin along with four Sultans. He/She was substantially smaller than the sultan chicks and hasnt gotten much bigger since then. Here are photos of Teeny: This was Teeny when he/she was a chick.Teeny is now about a month old. (Click photos to enlarge) Teeny now: (sorry these arent very good. I can get better ones today if needed). Teeny is the small one with long legs in the background of the first photo, then in...
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