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No one else wants to answer?
Yes, they will be blue and black. I just wanted to make sure with the gold/red on him that they will still be sex links. I am pretty sure they will produce sex-links but didn't want to sell people females and they turn out to not be sex lined.
Sorry it isn't the best picture. He is blue with gold/red around his chest and neck. Would this color rooster still be usable for black sex link chicks (with bared rock hens)?
This morning I have one mix chick hatched out. I have lots of others pipped. They were due yesterday but are delayed due to the power outage for 2 days. I started with 8 dozen +2 and ended up with only 4 dozen +3 (I think). There fertility was great, only 8 non fertile but lost the rest due to no power. I can't wait till they hatch out to see what they look like. The first one is black with a little red on its chin, and a large white spot on its head.
LoveToFarm, are your duck eggs still due today?
What pretty ducks. I love their speckled heads.
I know very little about ducks but am love to learn about sex linkage. This may work but don't really know about duck color genetics. What about breeding a chocolate female to a black male (or maybe it is the other way around, can't remember). I believe there are ducks that come in Chocolate, right? You will get one sex chocolate and the other black. Does anyone know if this applies to ducks too?
That's what I use too. I also melt them down for cracks on the eggs too.
What a happy ending! I am glad the rest are all doing so well. Sorry you lost the one injured one (and the first batch). But it is good to hear the rest are all doing so well now.
Those are great names!
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