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They are so cute! congrats
Great to hear they hatched. Good luck on the last one!
We finally got the power back on in the trailer with the incubators. My FIL had wired it up to our power pole and we weren't really sure where the cords ran. We finally found where 2 power cords where spliced together but FIL only used duct tape over it and it rained like 9 inches the night the power went out. So we spliced it back together and put electrical tape on it and on the other splices that had duct tape. Got the incubators back up and put the eggs back in. I'm...
On light colored eggs I can sometimes see development in just 3 days.
Sounds like a joke to me.
No, I had goats once and felt the same way. They tore everything up, and the male was a dud.
I hatch most of the year and sell chicks. I don't hatch during July and August, it is really hot and people don't buy them during that time, and December and January, it is fairly cold and people don't really like to buy during that time.
Small stretches like that without power shouldn't do much harm to them. Some broody hens will leave the nest for a few hours everyday and their eggs hatch out just fine. Do you know what is cause the outages?  The power to my incubator went out yesterday I think during the night. I am trying find some other way to incubate them. I checked a few of them and they are still alive so I have hope that most will make it.
I used to hatch eggs every week in one incubator. There never seemed to much of an issue with it. I just put the eggs that where hatching on the side; or if there where a lot took the turner out and hand turned the others.
No, I mean the other eggs that are incubating.
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