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That is a great hatch rate for a first time incubating. They are all very cute.
Yes, it sometimes happens. It tends to be hard to fix. I find that if it is cause by then spreading there legs after hatching (opposed to hatching out with the problem) to be much easier to fix.
I would think you could just to like any other broody hen. She should know what she is doing.
They may just need more time. Sometimes hens don't start laying until more like 25 weeks. And with the weather changing with fall it may take a little longer because of that.
That's great you where able to get a consistant temp. all over. Good luck on your hatch! Here is a link to one of the threads he has (there have been several on the subject). I hope this helps.
I second what Ridgerunner said. If you leave that egg in and it explodes worse things would happen.
I don't think meat/blood spots will affect the eggs hatching. Since silkie eggs are light colored they tend to be easier to candle. The develop at the same rate as other eggs so it doesn't take any longer than the average egg to see into them.
I think cochin too. They are very pretty boys!
I concur.
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