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I have a friend looking for them, do a google search, they're pretty
Well I see you folks have been neglecting this thread! LOL Anyone up here have Lemon Blue Cochins?   Alaska Farm & Food in facebook.
Everyone is on facebook, the farm forum has 400+ members now, just in Alaska. It's just
And Mother nature takes care of the weather.
They do ok, some get bit and some don't, but they don't seem to really have a problem with it.
I have Norwegian Jaerhons and I love them. Going to start hatching in January I think!
Yup store is shut down and we're still in the process of moving - it's slow going.
They are mine, but it's only a small flock that's in my 2nd coop. I will be strictly working on the NJs, and if I have a successful hatch I'll have Silver Sussex.Interested in the Polish/Orloff flock?
Do you live near the lake?
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