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Thanks!  I'm still right here in mid-town, still have my birds and everything is well.  Well, my daughter did move to Colorado and that has been tough on us.  I've been spending all my free time learning photography, which has kept me from this place.  
Ha Ha!  I completely forgot about the seed box.   Where did you move to?
Just a drive by posting.   For some reason, I started getting BYC notifications this morning after a year of nothing.  My PM box is jammed with old messages.   I hope everyone and their birds are doing well!
Beautiful portrait!
  You brought me back.    So, something is disrupting metamorphosis.  The unusual size suggests something in the feed is mimicking Juvenile Hormone.   Some of the so called "super worms" grown commercially achieve their large size by feeding them JH analogues and those larvae typically never pupate or die in the pupal stage.    I would try pulling out all of the mealworms and feeding them organic wheat bran, it's not that much more expensive and at least you'll find out if...
I'm not around much, but occasionally an email notification to a subscribed thread gets through.  I never did get prawns.  Oddly enough, I had issues with the water temps staying high enough for long enough to grow them out.  I'll need to set up a separate grow bed just for the upper tank where the prawns would be kept.  The in-ground tank kept the water too cool.   I never had much luck with spinach or kale in the grow beds, I'm not sure why.  Everything else you've...
Composting red worms in the grow beds are extremely helpful at reducing solids.
  Hi everyone!  Just checking in to let you all know I'm still alive.  I've been unable to log on to BYC since June!  Got everything fixed and now I'm back.  
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 Bummer!  I hate it when that happens and you usually don't figure it out until you get home with the product.  It's hard to know whether they came from the manufacturer or the retailer.  All it takes is favorable environmental conditions for a population explosion in the presence of any grain product.  You're probably right about Acarus siro, they're the most common grain mite.
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