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 This works fine if you have a dense and highly functioning colony.  The problem is a lot of people that are starting out will try this and then they'll have grain mites, more so if they live in a moist climate.  Happens on this thread a lot.
 Sounds like weevils or more likely some other beetle.  The only way I know to get rid of them is to pull out all the mealworm larvae, pupae and beetles and put them on fresh substrate. 
 Ok, so neither me nor my chickens are that weird then.  
  I'm sorry to hear this.  It's often hard to know what got them.
  I will mail you the very first seeds my moringa makes.
 That is very thoughtful of you, but I'd rather we not do this.  I thought about a seed swap, where we mail seeds to each other, but I thought the meeting with the box is better to promote our community.  If someone has their own moringa seeds to send Papas Chickens, then that would be great, but I think that seeds in the seed box should stay in the seed box until someone wants to remove them.  Of course that would mean they'd have to get the box.  A lot of people will...
You need to meet the box.  Those are the rules.  
 You can have the seed box as long as you need.  If it takes a month or so to get it back into circulation, so be it, especially since it's going to the far side of the state.   It should give people more opportunity to save seeds in anticipation of it's return.  
 I put over 100 moringa seeds into the seed box, all that I had.  So, maybe you could find some in there still.  I could send you some cuttings to root next winter when I trim the vines back.  With figs you just need a segment of 2 year wood (or older?).   I've only done them in very early spring, when I prune the trees right before they sprout.  Maybe it could be done now if you removed most of the leaves?
 It's a tree that grows well in warm climates and just about all parts of it can be eaten by humans and livestock.  I think they would do well in Dateland.  They will die back in a freeze, but sprout back from the roots in the spring.  That looks like less of a problem where you are than where I am.
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