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Yes!  Watch them though, if they don't eat it, remove it so it doesn't rot and cause problems.  
 Sounds like a Cooper's.  Did it look like this guy?  
 Most of our Arizona Cooper's and Red Tailed hawks are permanent residents, especially the urban hawks. 
 Was it a Coopers?  I don't know what's going on with our hawk population here in Tucson, but it seems to have crashed in the past few months.  I'm lucky if we have a Cooper's show up once a week.  In years past I'd be more likely than not to see one out there at any give time.  On a walk around the neighborhood we could see as many as five or six and now we might not even see one.  We're also not seeing many Red Tailed or Harris hawks.  I wonder if they're succumbing to...
 Chickens eat a lot less when it's this hot out.   It's not too hot for cocci, but it doesn't sound like your birds are showing any symptoms either.  As long as they're acting normally, I wouldn't worry too much yet.
I think Kelsie2290 is right, you're probably seeing the oil gland, that's right about where it should be.  They do look strange, don't they?  
Ha!  For her sake, I hope that's what it is.
Are you sure it's been in the same spot for that long?  That would be very unusual for any kind of tick.  It's very hard to tell from the pic but it does look a bit like a poultry tick.  I'm wondering if maybe you're seeing different ticks over time.  Does it look like the pictures below?  Check the nesting material well and try to see if there are any more.   Also look carefully around your chickens and especially the roosts tonight right after sunset to see if there are...
   Just hang out for a few more posts.  We'll have you turned yet.  
Hi Mike, it's likely too hot inside for them, even with the misters and shade.   Your coop needs more ventilation.  Can you remove one entire wall from it and replace it with hardware cloth?   Also, certain kinds of parasites, for example poultry ticks, will make them reluctant to go into the coop at night.   Check the roost and the crevices around it within a half hour after sunset tonight to see if they are there.  I really suspect the lack of ventilation to be the...
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