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  They're so vicious too!  With those tiny vestigial eyes and mouth made for savaging ants and termites, you're lucky to have come out unscathed.
  I don't know, I've done it around the time other eggs underneath the broody hatched.  Hopefully someone else has some experience with it.
 Is it even possible to kill oleander?    Good luck on your search tomorrow!
ChickensAreSweet gave you excellent advice.  One thing I would add is that you should continue providing the starter/grower until all of your birds are laying.  Then switch to layer feed.
Sorry about your bird.  I had a coyote take one of my hens in broad daylight, hop over the wall surrounding my property and promptly remove both wings.  The coyote then carried the body off as I approached to bludgeon it to death.  It left the two wings and there were no other feathers laying about. 
If your chicks are on the ground and have access to grit, the beetles will be fine for them.  I wouldn't give too many though.   It would be extremely unlikely that a colony would form in the coop.  
 Don't believe everything you read on the internet.  The Tenebrio molitor that you've been raising are not a serious pest in chicken houses.  They are perfectly safe to feed to your chickens.
 I had never seen or tasted pineapple guava before a visit to the Tucson Botanical Gardens last fall.  I was immediately smitten.   According to what I've read and what people have told me, they only really like partial sun (e.g. morning or filtered sun).   The ones at the Botanical Garden are in mostly shade and are doing very well.   I've planted two in different locations where they get very little sun after noon.  They seem to be doing well.  I got a larger Nazemetz...
@KrazyKooKooKim, yes, all the greenery on the run is from the vines.   The grapevines do best in full sun, but there are varieties that do better in partial shade too.
 Agreed on all counts!
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