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 When I first started thinking about chickens in AZ I googled Arizona coops and yours was one of the first ones I saw (the one with the corrugated metal on it) and it always stuck with with me and was influential when I built mine.   Did your coop page get lost with the BYC migration to the new system?  I couldn't find it when I looked again.  It's great to see you posting here!
 That's a good idea City!
  What kind of hounds do you have?
Hmmmm...that doesn't sound good.  It seems like you're doing everything right too.  What substrate were they raised on?
 Greetings to both of you from a fellow Arizonan!  Be sure to drop by our Arizona BYC thread and say hello!
   And welcome to AZ too.  We love the White Mountains!
 It's good to see you back!  I would check the roosting area very carefully within the first 20-30 min. of sunset tonight for mites and ticks.   Some types of mites and ticks live in crevices around the roosts and come out at dusk to feed on the chickens and this can make them reluctant to go inside.  Since they only get on the chickens at roosting time and the entire feeding cycle can be over in an hour or less before hiding again, you may never see them unless you look...
 I have an old BA hen that does the same thing to every bird under her in the pecking order.  It's pretty normal behavior.
  First,   When I use a mister, it's only in the shaded run.  I have water access in both the coop and the run.  If the nipples are from a quality manufacturer and installed correctly they should never drip.  Your coop should have large amounts of ventilation, even more so if you live at a lower elevation and with sufficient ventilation you shouldn't ever have problems with moisture.  If you check out "My Coop" page just under my avatar as well as others you'll get an idea...
Demosthine,  I'm sorry you're having to go through this rough patch, it sounds terrible.  I hope you can get back to raising birds and rabbits soon.  I'll be sending good thoughts your way.   LKD, I think you've now had your fair share of hardships.   I hope it all turns around for you soon.  The stolen ipad is just adding insult to injury.  Posting with an iphone must be excruciatingly difficult.  I'll be sending good thoughts your way too!
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