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she can stay bred up to 2 weeks after being with a rooster.  
Nicole, please let me know if you want some eggs once I figure out who to pair who up with. I will probably post pictures of them all and ask the nice folks here their opinion on the matter. I still can't believe someone had the nerve to do that!
OHHH NOOO! They STOLE some of your birds?  The nerve of some people!   I am so sorry to hear that.Thanks again for meeting  us. We are enjoying them so much. they are such characters!
Thanks! She is something else. She insisted on talking to them when we took them out of the car, and when I turned around that is what I saw. I said to her, why do you have to lay on top of the cage to talk to them?? She says,"Oh mommy, because I just do!"  Like I should know that is how you must speak to new chickens.
I got him and one pullet that is also from your stock from x2farm. I think she said she hatched them from your eggs.  She is the one that is closest to the fence in front, next to the one by the bowl in this picture: four came originally from bargain which I believe came from speckledhen's eggs. I think that is correct. am trying to learn...
Thanks! she is my "chicken girl", always wanting to help mommy with the chickens!  Ya know Kathy, that boy is from your stock. I was very happy to get him. How do you think he turned out? Since I am still learning, would love your opinion.
Here are some pictures of my new Delawares:When we unloaded from the car....My Dd was making sure everyone was ok and telling the new arrivals the "rules" of the house...checking out the quarentine pen..Hope to use this guy as my breeding roo..I hope to select the best hens from this group and my other two hens to see what I get!! I am excited! (of course I am still learning what to look for!)
some dogs who are ok with adult chickens can't resist the peepng of chicks. its like the enticement of a squeaky toy. I have a dog like that.  I always have to keep chicks out of his reach. Sorry for the loss of your chick.
thanks everyone.  I am thankful no one was hurt, and yes, a rat under the oven would definately be worse!!!
Sorry for your loss. It is never easy to lose cherished one.
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