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Serama Chicks- quality lines 17322  (southern York County, Pa.)  Please contact for more info.
I wil  try to be there on a Serama Pullet hunt.... anyone bringing any Serama girls for sale?
I am lookinf for Serama girls... Any of these places might be a good place to look?
I am hoping to find serama pullets there!
Hi All,   My name is Bill and I am from Southern York County.  Question:  How do I go about getting NPIP certification or testing done to actually attend poultry shows?  What are the costs?  Thanks- Bill
I am coming and will be looking for Silkies and Serama(hopefully hens/pullets)!  Excited.
so at a few eeks old, their leg color doesn't change?
I am hoping to find call duck babies......If anyone is bringing them... PM me? 
Do we have a location for a Northeast or PA Chicken Stock 2012?  I could hunt for a place.  I live on the MD Pa line. 
We have four Anatolians and they are awesome on the farm and at guarding our small toy dogs( we breed and show) from predators.  They do require some training.  Why would anyone want to breed a litter without any knowledge of the HOW DIFFICULT it is to find them good homes?  We do a lot of rescue...A LOT!   Anatolians are not for you well know.  I would not suggest breeding this breed unless you have homes planned for at least 8 or 9 pups!    They can...
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