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You'll need to check with customs but I think eggs are ok, live birds may need to be quarantined for awhile.
There are 2 reasons for the coyote attacks...New Jersey and New York. Restrictive hunting and gun laws = problems with animals. Coyotes will attack people under certain circumstances: 1. rabid 2. starving 3. backed into a corner with no escape route
You might want to point out to the GW that when coyotes attack people and to some extent horses then there is something wrong, either they are rabid or are extremely starving. I grew up hunting and trapping coyotes and that is not natural behavior for them.Have you considered buying some traps for yourself and putting them on your property, I know some will say this is bad advice to 'break' the law but in this case the law is not protecting you, your home, your neighbors,...
You need to wait until spring when they start laying, if you get any eggs right now they probably won't hatch very well.
Sorry about your birds, misery loves company and unfortunately some people have too much time on their hands and not enough pleasure in their life so they look to make others miserable so as to somehow relieve their own pain. I say call the city regarding the setback because she obviously wants everyone to be compliant which should also include herself.
I have some styptic (sic) powder to stop bleeding, also I have no-pick (nasty purple goo). I would also add a syringe for feeding electrolytes.
Your chickens don't eat them? Earwigs last about as long as a snowball at the equator around my chickens.
I say make him into dinner.
I agree with talking to the neighbor and calling DFG. Most city slickers don't realize that by feeding bears they are dooming them to termination. Bears that become accustomed to getting food from people have to be destroyed by DFG or AC. They might try and relocate them once but usually not.
Usually the 100' or other long distances are for the city to say they "allow" chickens but in effect outlaw them.
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