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That's what I thought when I first moved there but I ended up going into "town" less and less until it started being only once every 6-8 weeks. The quiet grows on you!     That explains it! I'm not on FB (and I refuse to be!).   I think the introduction of babies may have triggered their mothering instincts. They have gone broody on you. It should stop after another month or two and egg production will return to normal.
Aw, man, I didn't see this until just now (=7:55PM)!   ETA: Congratulations Aubrey and Mark! Pics?   Yep, looks like we missed it!
Besides you'd have to deal with the creepy Craigslist rooster people!
Several people told me about one for sale at Costco. I haven't seen it myself yet but from the descriptions others have given me it sounds like it might just suit your purposes. It's smallish, but if you're just going to use it for a breeding coop that shouldn't be a problem.
  This is exactly why I moved out to the desert and live on 10 acres at the far end of Dayton!
Yes. Layer has extra calcium in it and you don't want to feed that to non-layers or they will have health issues. Even after mine are laying and I've switched to layer feed I still provide oyster shell free choice for supplemental calcium. It makes a difference in the eggs, and it's very cheap!
  Ditto. There is a member on here (Cari - user name WhiteMountainsRanch) that breeds meat rabbits. She is in the San Diego area.
  Mine have been awfully spotty lately, too. Some days I'll get a basketful and others only half a dozen!   Nice lookin' birds eggexlent. I don't think any of them are roos.
Dayton is bigger than you'd think just driving through on Hwy 50. All this talk about heat is reminding me - I need to open the windows on my coop!
WooHoo!  Another Daytonian! Welcome Egg Yolk!
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