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maybe a dumb question, but I've never pickled anything. Do you leave all the pieces of onion and stuff in the jar with the eggs or do you strain it out as you pour the liquid into the jars?
sorry but be careful which one you getyou want the FOOD GRADE DEthat's not the one used for your pool that one is TOXIC for birds. Food grades the one that's safe to ingest and will be safe if your birds ingest it.I didn't realize they were eating it. I thought it was just to put on the poop.
I'm not sure about farm stores, but it is also used in swimming pools, so pool stores should have it too.
I second this. Where do you get them?
I went out to do another tally. I'm down a bird. someone escaped and i think it was bird 1. Looks like I have 10 males and 12 females and one missing chest feathers. Ive read you can keep them in pairs or groups. how many hens in a group? 2, 3,4 hens to a male?I don't think I have enough space to keep all of them long term so groups will be more practical than pairs.
I have horses and I think the only medicines that work come in indelible blue or yellow. I've seen it as blu-kote and wound-kote. I also used a silver spray called alu-shield i think. Don't know if that works on birds too?
So spots are more telling than color...but not always?(bird 1).Bird 4 has no spots on the chest. Mostly white/off-white feathers.Thanks for the quick replies!
I got these birds and I'm trying to sort out who is male and who is female. The more i read online, the more confused i get. Here's a sample. Some are missing a few feathers female? male? male? only one of this color and it always gets picked on i'm lost on these last twoAny help?
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