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Thanks.  He is SUCH a puppy.  Very affectionate and gentle (except for jumping on people -- at 60 lbs, he packs a punch).
Sometimes he walks himself off with his front legs too.  I have a little video of him doing that (black and white, game cam quality).  I'll try to post it tomorrow if I can find it.
Yeah, he is a hoot.  He slithers off really slowly -- sometimes takes 15 seconds or so to get all four feet on the ground.  He stretches better than any dog I ever saw. Leave it was our first command (forgot that one) -- like you we have cats.  He actually responded to that one before the class (and sit, also).
Not me. He just needed a safe home. He will be a great dog some day.  We did beginning obedience with him, and he has sit, come (most of the time), down, and NO really well learned.  We are working on stay and heel.  Of course, all bets are off when a stranger comes around.  and OFF is still a work in progress.
I hear that.  We have a 15 month old 60 lb. rescue that I'm working with trying to get him to be a good citizen with the chickens. The second day we had him, he grabbed my Welsumer by the tail and removed some feathers, but that was the only interaction so far.  He is probably a heeler mix with maybe some pit bull? and something with long legs, and so far he hasn't eaten anyone.  This is a picture of his usual method of getting off of the sofa.  We should have named him...
My broody hen, Copper, moved her 3 babies (with my help) into the big girls coop.  They didn't like the ramp, but she went in and just kept calling them until I could usher them in.  She insisted that they all sleep on the top roost.  I tried to move them, but she was determined.  I hope they are all ok in the morning.  There just wasn't room under her for 3 big chicks on the roost.
I second that.  By stating up front that you are wanting to go to the dance with him, you aren't putting him in a position of deciding before he knows what the deal is.  Boys are just like us.  
How right you are.  I opened up the door yesterday, and Copper let one other hen know that these babies were OFF LIMITS.  No one else (even my crabby Welsumer) has bothered them.  Today they were all out all morning until the rain started again (yeah, real rain) with no complications. I worry too much.
It is very quiet around here with the kids gone.  Sigh.  DD and the grands went home Monday morning.   We have been doing some small controlled burns along fence lines and in the lagoon area.  So far they have gone well.  It sure looks tidier with the tall dry weeds gone, and we finally got some suitable weather.   Graycie is setting on 7 eggs.  I stole 6 of them yesterday, and at least 4 of those 6 are showing some development (including one of the EE green eggs).  I...
I hear you.  I thought about getting a small flock of birds with an eye to butchering them, but I couldn't face that part of the process.  I think if I could find someone to kill and process the birds, I could eat them.  I was thinking Freedom Rangers rather than the Cornish x's or maybe a dual purpose bird of some kind.  In any case, it is a moot issue since there is no one around here that processes birds for anyone.
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