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Welcome to Consolidated Kansas.  I can't answer your question (I'm from the Emporia area), but I just wanted to welcome you to our little Kansas family.  There are lots of people from the Wichita area here.
I got 4 EE's from our local farm store 2 years ago.  They were all different colors, and they grew up to be all different colors.  One is black with a little white along the feather shafts, one is the typical browns, one has black feathers around her neck and brown elsewhere, and the forth was (she died last summer from laying issues) white with some peachy highlights.  I picked through the chicks to find ones that were all different at the time.  My first EE came from MPC...
Mom and the babies.  Finallly, the stripey one came out for a photo op.  
Danz, thanks for the moon info.  The potatoes are bulk.  I usually buy red potatoes and they have a different variety (can't remember the name) than most.   Here are the first pictures of the chicks.   this is the third hatched.  It appears to be black and white   This little one was the first hatched.  She (I hope) is actually brown.  When it hears my voice it comes out from under Mom.  The color in the 2nd picture is pretty accurate.  Mom is a BO/Blue Copper...
My grandfather was a believer in sign of the moon planting (especially for potatoes and corn), and he always had bumper crops even when his neighbors came up short.   I get my seed potatoes from Bluestem because I have better luck with their seed in general.  BTW, it is chick day at Bluestem today.  doing the happy dance that I don't have to buy babies for my broody Copper.
I am looking forward to her bringing them out.  I finally got a look at the third one.  It looks like the pure Marans chicks last summer at a glance.  Nearly all black.  I had to back off, though, she was about done with me pawing through her feathers looking for babies. You are ahead of me on the garden.  We got the compost spread, but i didn't till yet, so I can't plant.  Tilling this weekend if the weather cooperates, and peas and maybe potatoes and onions in the ground...
One of Copper's chicks is brown.  A sort of golden smooth brown without any striping.  It should be EE/BO/Blue Copper Marans (the roo is from 2 EE parents for what that's worth).  The second is stripy like a chipmunk (typical of EE's).  I haven't gotten a look at the third one yet.  I'll get pictures when she lets them out from under her.  They are pretty active for just a day (or half a day) old.   I'm so glad that all 3 hatched.
The third egg is peeping (no pip yet, though).
Danz, I guess we could look at it that way.  LOL   I'm so sorry about the babies.  Shipping is so iffy these days.  If you fly somewhere, will they let you carry on the chicks on the way back?
Got a look at the baby this morning (now there are two).  They look a lot like last years' Marans babies with just a bit more white around their faces.  One more egg to go, no pip yet.  The second one was hatched overnight.   Yeah!!!!  Copper is a mother.
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