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Has Dora been bred at each heat cycle? Maybe she's sick of being pregnant. I'd hide too. Lol
I think angel wing is genetic.  And that may just mean that certain birds are predisposed to getting it when fed high levels of protein.  But I've seen birds with angel wing produce more ducklings with angel wing.  Even when the ducklings were sold and raised by different people.
Looks like a pullet to me.
I haven't heard a word from the neighbor lady since I brought her the bill. AND her dog was in our driveway the other day chasing our car as we left. We had my son practice with the 22 the other night. I only know how to use the 9mm "assult rifle". That should roll that little sucker. I've made the mistake of keeping all of my feed in the attached garage. I now have a chipmunk problem. So, today I moved all of the feed out and swept everywhere. I also had chicks in...
Keep me posted please. I'm going there hoping to get some bantam cochin pullets and a call drake. My SQ drake has prolapse, not sure he'll be breeding ever again
I have 5 pullets for sale, but I'm too far from you.
sikiesforever, I love that blue hen!   Black Cochins - Are you coming to Portage (maybe I already asked)?  I could use a nice black pullet . . .
Three months old is too young to compete in the show. As for spring hatching, I don't understand why you wouldn't use them. I usually start incubating my call duck eggs mid-Feb and chickens mid-March.
No, but I would have liked to know it was out there.  This was in our woods behind the chicken coop.
I think its a fisher. I can't believe my husband didn't point this out to me 4 years ago when the picture was taken!
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