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Three months old is too young to compete in the show. As for spring hatching, I don't understand why you wouldn't use them. I usually start incubating my call duck eggs mid-Feb and chickens mid-March.
No, but I would have liked to know it was out there.  This was in our woods behind the chicken coop.
I think its a fisher. I can't believe my husband didn't point this out to me 4 years ago when the picture was taken!
I was taking pictures of things outside today and grabbed an old SD Card.  Look at what I found:  
I worked out, ate a healthy breasfast then pigged out on peanut butter rice krispie bars this morning Someone send some self control this way.
We have a few Beretta handguns.  My favorite is the Cheetah 9mm short.  It's a cute little gun.
I've used mylar in my yard and it worked to keep a hawk away that I had previously been having problems with.
Let us know if you want to meet with us for dinner on Saturday.  It should be fun.  Mexican = Margaritas, right?
I really wish I would have handled it differently.  I should have made him disappear.  But at the same time I would like some type of payment for the birds I have lost.  Her kids aren't home this week so I would expect that little monster to be kept under control for at least a few more days.
I scooped him up with a big fishing net yesterday, set the kennel on end and dumped him in.
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