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I got a new truck today! '96 F150. I feel at home in an older Ford
I've never heard of chester drawers.
I should send my daughter over to play with the baby.  She isn't vaccinated and I would love for her to get chicken pox so she doesn't have to deal with those vaccines.
I'm not 100% sure what breed they are though. They may be the broad breasted bronze or white, which grow or much faster.
The organic farms around here sell organic, free range turkeys for $6/lb.
Mine are also pastured. I wonder if that helps.
I've never had problems with the broilers from Welp. Just curious, why wouldn't you just order the chicks directly from Privet, instead of having Strombergs in the middle? Chicks are only $1.19 from Sunnyside. They're about the same price wholesale from Welp. I feed mine a soy-free organic ration, free choice. Their feeder is always full. And I haven't had a problem.
Are you feeding them around the clock? They should only have access to feed for 12 hrs/day.
That is hilarious!
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