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Speaking of the bad seller, the state notified us yesterday that they will be doing an inspection of her "hatchery". Also, her flock is not tested! She is a certified tester, but she does not have tested birds. Pretty sure she advertised that she was and she should be with the amount of birds she sells.
That "don't hurt me" in little, tiny letters made me laugh!
I put both of the chicks down. They were both suffering. The wry neck one had something more than that wrong with it. It had blood coming out if its nostrils. I'll have to call the hatchery on Monday and get credit.
So today from work I brought home a Buckeye with wryneck and a Rhode Island white with a smashed foot. I'm not sure how the hatchery managed to smash its foot, but you can tell its in a lot of pain. I should really put it out of its misery. If I decide not to, I'm not sure if I should splint it or not.
I wasn't expecting it, but I hatched out a blue bibbed ducking this morning. It was so cute! But already sold . . . Lol
I put a few Brahma eggs from Dan Powell lines in the incubator today. Last year I hatched some too. I ended up with a golden laced hen and a silver laced rooster. I didn't keep them. I probably won't keep these either. Unless I get a buff laced hen.
I would live to lock those people in a room and not feed them. That's terrible! I think if you need any help with complaints there's plenty of people here on Byc that would call the sherriffs office and pester them until something gets done. This is abuse.
It seems like half the people I know say they have fibromyalgia. Is it that common or are doctors just labeling other health problems as that?
The mail lady tried to do something good. It would be better to get a Farm/Feral/Stray group out there to spay the females and prevent future litters.
I need to clean out my runs. I'm really dreading it.
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