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  those are all pullets. A gold laced Wyandotte and two red sex links. 
Your Orpingtons may be more inclined to brood since you're in England. Here in the US, most of our hatchery stock has had the broodiness bred out, or down quite a bit.    I'm going to toss out a vote for Dark Cornish. Mine were fantastic broody mommas, even sneaking away and hatching clutches in the blackberries I knew nothing about . Large, meaty birds, good foragers, decent layers. No feathers on the legs 
I wouldn't consider her broody at this point.    Any time I have a hen in a nest box, just to lay an egg, they'll tuck any extra eggs underneath them. That does not indicate broody behavior.    Spending the night on the nest box is broody. Flattening out out like a chicken pancake on the nest is broody. Growling like she's going to bite your hand off is broody.    so, I think it's kind of a moot point right now.    Just coming back into lay, she's kind of like a...
The coloring is the same as a Welsummer, but many birds come in that same color. Brown Leghorns are the first that come to mind. But, there's more to the bird than color. I agree your hens look like little game birds. they'll make good broody mommas if you're so inclined to hatch chicks this spring.
Sorry, but that's definitely a little boy. 
I'm craving cheese, I guess. Listening to KLOVE and they were talking about grilled cheese sammiches. Sour is having mac and cheese. I'm thinking cheesy taters. Or nachos. Sheesh, guess I just need some cheese!
Got my breeding pens set up tonight .    My two little silkie cockerels, who have lived together all their lives, suddenly decided to go at each other today. They sparred on and off all day. I'd planned to put them both in the pen with the silver hens, but the one has a torn comb and a bloody spot on his head. I'm afraid the hens will see that and peck. So, he's staying in their little bachelor pad by himself for a few days. Everyone else is pretty much set, though. My...
  I don't know the specific genetics behind it, but in my experience the beard and muffs are partially dominant. Crossing a fluffy faced bird with a  clean faced bird usually gives me mostly fluffies, but some cleans also. If you breed the cleans back to a fluffy, you should get more fluffies. 
I don't use a grinder, so can't help you there.    I have pressure cooked roosters over a year old and they've been fine to eat.    I use a Food Saver also, works great. 
First, I'm not sure why you're specifying to separate them at night? All they do is sleep at night. I'd be far more concerned about keeping them off the hens during the day, especially first thing in the morning. That's when my roosters are randy.    I agree on the bachelor pad. A separate enclosure, apart from the hens. You'll just have to see how they do with each other. most of mine are fine if they've been raised together.....but it's not an absolute. For instance, I...
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