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Both blue birds look to be cockerels. The white bird is a Delaware Pullet.
Hey all. Had a bit of a rough time. Of all things, it started with a spot of athletes foot at my little toe. Well, when you have zero immune system, that bit of nothing turns your foot to a purple throbbing thing that is so exquisitely tender no one can touch it. IV Vancomycin is brought in, with all the fun Big Gun antibiotics bring. But, it's so much better today. I'm pretty glad.....hate to come this far and die from a stoopid athletes foot. Talk about never living that...
I got to bask in some of that beautiful sunshine while getting platelets yesterday....and yep, grey and gloomy this morning. Maybe it will burn off, who knows? Feeling okay this morning, got some decent deep. Mom and my niece Jess came to visit yesterday. Good to see them but Mom didn't let me win at Farkle. Ill go for Scrabble next time she visits, maybe ill have a chance then!
Pullet Pullet Cockerel Cockerel I think Pullet Cockerel Pullet Cockerel Cockerel No specific breeds are jumping out, my thought is mixes of mixes.
Hb, that's great about the hours. God is good, that's a fact!
Oh yeah, wet dog smell in the hospital would rock!
Hey all. Kind of feeling the chemo catching up I guess. Just weaker and tired today. Honey's headed home for the weekend, I think my Mom is coming over tomorrow. Sold a few birds yesterday and have a lady wanting some today. Ill feel better when they're gone and the boys don't have to take care of them. Doing the second donor infusion is going to mean another month long stay here I guess. Gonna have to get the boys up here more, I miss them. Honey said he'd collect a...
She looks to be a classic Barnyard Mix. Likely a mix of mixes, with the wavy comb, mixed coloring and dark legs. Looks like she's a good Momma? That would make her a keeper in my book!
Hi all. Last day of chemo! Now it will be the waiting game of my counts tanking and waiting for recovery, hopefully without too many complications. They are now talking about transfusion me with lymphocytes from my original donor and see how that does. Not as brutal as a full on transplant again. It does mean another month plus long stay up here I guess. Poor Honey is going to be run ragged and I worry about the boys being alone so much. Thankfully folks at home are...
Do a search on this forum. There are several threads about inbreeding and line breeding. Basically, if your parent stock are healthy, your offspring are going to be healthy. With hatchery birds I've bred about 4 generations and had no issues.
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