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Basically, you're just going to have to try it and see what genetics your particular birds carry.    My understanding is silkies are recessive white. So, your white birds could be carrying genes for other colors that are hidden under the two copies of white they carry. Breeding them to a non-white bird, no matter the color, gives that other color a chance to express in the offspring. I think partridge is a common color to be carrying, from what I've read. Not sure about...
Finally had the seafood Alfredo last night, with cheese tortellini for us carbers.    Tonight may be tacos and taco salad.Or, I've had a request for chicken broccoli casserole. It's early yet, we'll see how the day plays out. 
  Very likely a production Red.    Too young for gender yet. Not much comb, but those are sure some sturdy looking again at about 6 weeks. Gender should be apparent then. 
That's what I'm seeing also. 
Well, I had to go look them up.....     I"m with shortgrass----veal hut operation is what my place would look like.......
  Mixed breed birds don't have breed names. They're simply mixed breeds, or if the breeds are known, Breed A x Breed B. So, you would say you have Sussex/Rock crosses (if that's what the parent breeds are). There's no name for the mix. 
It's great news.    so often, when I read "extra bird"....I'm braced to say EE cockerel.....nice to see a productive pullet for a change!
I don't think so, no.    but you can always try and let us know how things turn out. 
  If this is a pure bred Rock, I'm thinking female. 
  If it's crowing, it's male. 
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