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I am very worried about fire, so I do not heat.  My birds are all in a 100 year old barn, so I am guessing comparable quarters.  I just throw extra bedding if we are getting colder weather.  Last year I did have a few roosters with frostbite but I was silly and put them in a new spot in the barn and they chose the stupidest spot to roost, above the window where there is a crack for ventilation.  Otherwise all survived and last winter we were down to -30 for a week at a time.
I use straw for the big coop- free, and deep litter in the winter.  In the silkie part they get shavings and I scoop it put every month and throw it into the big coop (they don't poo too much and cleaning it keeps their feathered feet clean).
I'm in!
I set 51 silkie eggs I won at auction and about 12 of my own silkie eggs!  So I am in.
Sounds like you dodged a bullet!  And I think we need pics of your birds and your pen . Sorry you have more work ahead of you!I am thankful your birds and your family were not hurt!   And hope it doesn't take too long before the pen is up and usable!
They have arrived and now the wait is resting them on the counter!!!  . 
So glad you received your eggs!!   I think only a few more hours until I have found mine!!!  .
That would be nice!  We live between a small town and a mid sized town (high school graduates 400-500/year in the bigger town and 60/yr in the smaller town). But we are in the bigger town's post office and yet are in the smaller town's school district.  . We are the last house before it switches postal codes.  So far the bigger town has been very nice when I have delt with them.
Sad new is that by the time they went to my post office it was already night time so they were closed with Christmas day the next day and today being their observed holiday, so I will be calling in the morning and be sitting by my phone as well.
Did they come?
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