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I did the same thing. It was listed as the second saturday in January on the Florida shows list. I am so annoyed.  sharon
I can't really tell from the picture but do you see bugs or is it that the feathers are missing?
A picture would help as well. I like to use warm warm and Epsom salts. You may need to get some injectable penicillin from TSC if it doesn't seem to be responding to the soaking.
Thank you. That's a little bit closer! sharon
I really like them too and could kick myself for not hatching any. I had a blue cock and now am left with two hens. One white and one black. I read where they were from but cannot remember now where. I know there has to be someone nearby!
I contacted them first. I got my three from them four or five years ago. She said they sold out shortly after that. I'm about 45 minutes from them. Nice place.
Yes and our humidity is suffocating as well. If I can find some within driving distance I would prefer it. Otherwise I'll have to try more eggs or wait till fall. I bought a dozen recently and had someone hatch for me and only got one. 
I'm concerned about the heat for shippng. We are well up into the 90s now during the day. I hoped there would be someone within driving distance. sharon
I am looking for someone with Breda near the North Florida area. Upper to mid Florida. Lower to mid Alabama or Georgia. I lost my roo and would like another. Have two hens now. Sharon
I too was thinking how great he looked!
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