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Thank you for the generous comments.  Soaking would be an excellent way to water, but this morning, I placed it on the ground and added a dilute liquid fertilization just using a watering can with the sprinkler spout.  That seemed to work just fine also.
Created this yesterday as a Bride-to Be in the neighborhood wanted one to display at her upcoming outdoor wedding.  Since these low growing Sedum and Sempervivum plants were covered with six inches of snow just last week, I was glad I had some materials to work with this week.  Using a wire frame, long fiber sphagnum moss, living moss and the assortment of hardy succulents, this  design is not the best example of this type of creation, but it will start to root into a...
At times, Toni- Marie Astin might have hatching eggs for sale from her fly tie strain.  Look her up by doing a search and contact through her site  Onagadorisouthfeatherfarm.   I also think Stewart Longtails has a pair for sale  - look up Amanda Stewart at Stewart Longtails as a Google site.  I think she may already have listed the pair on the adult sale chicken pages in the for sale section here on BYC.   These are representative of a strain that I have bred into my...
I really like the Ruddy Duck Decoy - I carve mine by hand.
I did a posting of a green roof for my chickens and posted pics and details in the Coops section.   If you do a search for "Green Roofed Chicken Pen", you should get to see the photos and information.  I do not know how to link it so that it would appear here.   I have yet to find the time to start the second one, but it might come along in the coming months.   Good Luck with the project!
This looks like it will be a fun contest for Fall/Halloween.  I also enjoy this time of the year as it can be extremely rich in bright colors.  Here are some photos of some of my chickens which I think fill the bill - I hope you enjoy them!              
BB Red Phoenix Rooster   Entry for Glossiest Tail:  
I have had Red Shoulder and White Yokohamas for over 15 years and none of them has ever shown any aggression towards me.  I like them as a breed although they can sometimes be subject to challenges in the health categories, but my continuing breeding efforts and those of others are helping to rectify these challenges.   Good Luck with your eventual search for the bantam size.  I'm not sure that only a few are working on that size.   Here's a bad photo of one of...
YES - you should start a new show!  Loads of talented photographers on this site and they have so many fantastic birds.  We all enjoy seeing the results from each others' flocks.  Not for your next show - just to share, but here is one of my red shoulder Yokohama roosters.  
MANY, MANY THANKS for the consideration and selection of my rooster as the first place winner.  Both he and I are very pleased.  It was a fun contest and I truly enjoyed all the marvelous entries! 
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