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Just went for a walk around town with 4 dozen eggs in 3 bags,  Sold them all @ 5.00 per dozen.   Ahhhhh  a fool & their money......
Dear Nancy: Hello from Joliet.  You might be able to convince my husband to help your husband build something if you have a trailer to transport it. 
I recommend vaccinating the chicks and putting them back in under momma.  Also do Fowl Pox, New Castle, and Infectious Bronchitis.  Do the entire flock for the last 3 at the appropriate time for the chicks.  That will put you on track for a fully vaccinated flock.  Per Dr Waters, head of the Illinois Animal Agriculture Department, the chicks will get some resistance to disease from their vaccinated mothers through the egg but true vaccinations are always...
Ewww Sumi! Chickens in your bed???? I won't go that far
So true So true!!!!!
Hi welcome to the Ameraucan thread. I think you just touched the third rail on the thread.  No one wants to suggest one breeder over another for fear of offending anyone. I suggest we, here on the thread send a PM with our candid thoughts.  Please don't recommend yourself breeders, be candid about who YOU would choose if you were starting over.  That would help her out best, Denise Paradise Found
Yes, Sumi, I know just where you're coming from and I could read between those lines.  I'm sorry for you too.  We are "sympatico".  Terrible what humans can do to eachother especially to the less strong or helpless.   Let's not one up each other on this forum for their good and ours.  Those memories are best left untouched and in the "try to forget and move on" file.  Defend the weak and listen to your children and other's children.  Chickens, as the BYC bumper...
Is your "Irish" showing?  Make sure to put the whipped cream on top with cinnamon!!!!  YUM!
Wish I could hear my grandmother's voice again.
I now save all those cards and letters.  Wish I had started that earlier.
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