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 Just thought this was worth repeating. :)
That's what I've been afraid of. Hoping to find someone with a large flock that is producing large blue eggs well,so I can buy hatching eggs, but that might be a dream. Our even with the rhodebars, which are having similar problems. The RB are heavier,though. It's hard to believe there are no standard bred brown egg laying equivalents to leghorns. Surely there is an obvious solution I'm not thinking of.
I actually think that rhodebars or cream legbars could be my perfect layer breed, bit I'm not sure if anyone is breeding them for production qualities yet. They're so young in the states, I feel a bit inclined to jump into the melee and get some stock I can breed up to MY production standards while others worry about that standard crap. Maybe bring in some birds that match those standards later on.
Jumping in here (i'll go back and catch up tonight) but who has standard bred birds with productivity levels that they are pretty happy with?   Looking at starting up a CSA outside of Birmingham and want to offer eggs and meat, so I've kind of been looking at the heavy dual purpose breeds like Delawares, Barred Rocks, RIR and New Hampshires but I'm mostly unfamiliar with their status in the productivity department. I do not want hatchery birds, but my focus will be on...
I'll join this conversation! Look at converting my Grandmother's 7.5 acre homestead in the Birmingham suburbs to an organic/heritage meat/egg/produce CSA. I feel like I need more information! I'd be moving from a steady job and good life in Alaska to take it up, and I really need to have all the details worked out before I make the leap. Wish there was more information written on it. Lots of people seem to do it, but nobody seems to have written out any real detailed...
Where in Tennessee?
Which route are you taking? Breeding down from standard or starting from scratch? I'm not sure which would be best. If I want worried about the safety of the hens I'd think using a pb Rhodebar over really nice bantam RIR hens would be best. ...but there is great bantam RIR and BR stock out there so maybe that would work, too. Probably the route I'll go.
Darn. I was hoping you'd tell me they were rockstars!
Darn. Guess I'll DIY.
How have they settled in over the last few months? Hitting their stride as far as laying? Thinking about getting some from Cackle myself.
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