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If you're planning on doing it yourself I highly recommend this bander for the bigger guys This is what our vet used. Less invasive than surgically castrating them. Of course you'll need to make sure they're utd on tetanus and you'll have to sedate him.
Depends on how big he is. I banded our 6 month olds with no problem. We recently acquired another bull that is too large for my bander. Our vet will charge us $2 to sedate and $10 to band.
That's not CL.  Definitely has some serious skin issues going on.  Lice, mites...etc.  I'd be taking the poor thing to have a skin scraping done. chicken obsession turned into a goat obsession
I would never buy a goat from a breeder who had CAE + goats.  Find someone else who has a negative herd.  Ask to see the lab results also.  I would never go by anyones word.
Well of course your last goats favorite treat was chicken feed because they're not suppose to eat it!I bought a doe from someone on BYC.  Her brother apparently bred her when they were only 2 months old.  She didn't tell me this and I only found out when I went out to feed and found 2 cold kids.  Please separate them   You're asking for problems if you keep them together.  You won't always be able to detect when the doelings in heat.
Could he be bloated?  What is his temp?  What did you worm him with and how much?  Is he peeing and pooping normal?
Most goats can be tamed   I say this because I got a wild 4yr old pygmy/nigi doe last winter.  The previous owners had owned her for all of those 4 years.  They never trimmed her hooves in 4 years or paid any attention to her.  She was crazy wild...   She's been with us a year now.  I can trim her hooves with no problems, pet her...whatever I want to do she'll allow me to do it.   She also had horns when I brought her home...she no longer has them now.  She was very mean...
Hence the reason why we raise our own meat....I know what my families eating.  I know not everyone can have the luxury of raising their own but there are other resources...
  Yes, I was thinking the same as you.  I never realized that "math" would involve taking apart words 
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