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They look female and around 6months to a year.
How old are they?
As far as I know a large white can get up to 50lbs and a BBW only 45-- but look it up just to be sure. Are you doing Showmanship or just showing them? Because in showmanship you gotta be knowledgeable about the bird
I know there are you who are gonna be "turkeys are not pets blah blah blah" honestly I don't care about your opinion on them. I care about the opinions of people who think of them like i do. I love to watch them and study them they are so wonderful! I love their personalities! I train them and love to have them in the house. And show them off. And show people that they are not stupid and mean. They are very loyal to me and I love my babies dearly. So are there any...
i know thats what they were bred for, but what i'm saying "Turkey day" is an awful name for it, if they just call it Thanksgiving that'd be fine to me. otherwise on 9/11 we mourn for the people we lost not celebrate
I mean seriously? It's not if it was people would be celebrating turkeys existence and not murdering them and causing them pain
either they are fighting over dominance (which if one doesn't give in they will fight to the death) or they want to mate or one is just mad at each other-- give it time, you'll have to separate (can u put some sort of divider in?) every now and then and if they don't stop after a month or 2 u might have to keep them separated or find a new home for one
turkeys are a lot more loving than people give credit for I should know I've studied my pet turkeys for 4 years
some chickens lay 2 eggs a day, i have a silkie who used to do that sometimes she still does. and that would be AWESOME if you had twin baby chickens from one egg! i don't think it would survive though, normally an egg is meant for only one chicken   hope i helped!  
brain damage or birth defects i'd say. i don't think there's really anything you can do about it go see a vet? maybe they could find out the problem sorry i couldn't help out anymore  
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