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hello sweaty sticky afternoon to you all, thought id toss it out here that i have a boat load of welsummer chicks available.they are roughly 3 weeks old   pm with interest
Im very sorry for the chicken losses.They do become friends and they are missed when gone.Hugs to you both
what is every one doing for thier chickens with all this heat? I watered 2x today and they are out there panting.poor things they look so unconfortable.
Here is a link. Looks like an americans ancestors did not make it into the record books before they closed them,therefore thier liniage is not 100% traceable where as purebreed is traced back to the original goats.We learn something new every day here.I dont see a huge problem with her being american, i guess one can get snobby over it.I dont see either where i wrote she was a purebreed on my craigs listing
craigslist link
She is an american nubian our gracie is purebreed. That is interesting,Im going to research that and see what it means.But it states it on their papers. Thank you for bring this up.I never even noticed that before on the papers.  
what feed store takes back roosters?  
just wanted to post out here.I am selling my goatie in milk.Four is just over the top for our little homestead.Our gracie keeps our family in a fresh supply daily but she needs a friend so we have the babies. craigs list posting.
Since we are on the subject of roosters I have 3 nns here that would love to come home with you.   One is a blue laced red one all blue one blue with a few red spots one white with blue pocka dots all over   Id like to keep one-whichever is not adopted. these guys are from Nava in florida and are just maturing.The last one started crowing only a few weeks ago.     here is blrnn and the splash  behind him and the blue with red under him   Here...
Oh compost girl,so sorry to hear about the food poisoning.Can only imagine with everything else happening. Everything i write is from my experience so please take as such. Ive had mamas take new chicks and ive had mamas not take baby chicks.Can only try if that is the route you wish to take.Im telling ya it is a trial,error and learn from it type of experince with these chickens.Always learning.Not to sound heartless if she is not being nice take em out but you will...
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