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How is your bird doing?
Hey Frosty! I have not seen you online in a while.I am just seeing your post. Sorry that I am so late replying.First off, I am so so so very sorry to hear about your pea. I was almost in tears when I was reading your story. I am so happy that you were able to get help for your girl. Very glad that Kathy was also able to be there for you. Kathy is literally a LIFE SAVER. I know that this post was in March, so I am curious as to how your pea is doing. I am glad that...
4 yard sales a year????????????????????? Yard sales is a person's part time job in my area. They have yard sales 365 days a year. That's all they do.
Did you mean to say "can't mate?
Sorry that I"m just seeing your post but I haven't been on as much.IF they were hand raised, they are social creatures, so they will love "people". I"m sure they love each other but they enjoy people company. Although they are still young, they will figure it out. LOLI wouldn't put any droppings on there right away. I would wait a bit. Turkey poop is still a little "hot/potent", allowing it to "mature" a while would be best.Why do you want to use ivermectin? ...
I have been caught up in this extreme couponing. WHEW!!! This is almost worst than the broilers. I have been getting a lot of great deals. Saturday I got 40 tubes of toothpaste FREE. With the 40% off sale and coupons, I had a refund of $3.11. The store paid me $3.11 to take the toothpaste out of the store. And the bad thing about it, I had 35 of the same coupons that I left at home. I have to go back and get more toothpaste if they still have some left. I think I...
I got them Terri and I replied. Thanks!
Happy Easter everyone!
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