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I needed that laugh.Thanks!
LOL @ sorry about your vehicle. THIS is the funniest part of everything. DETAILS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great to hear that they have perked up! I hope they continue to strive. Keep us posted.
Yes it worked and YES that bird looks DELICIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love that!!! Good job!
I think you did a great job!!!
So sorry to hear that. That is a bummer. Don't give up. Keep trying. It will turn out better
TOO FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I don't run into any "trouble" with these cashiers at these stores because you will surely HEAR about me on the local news. I will PM you my address. I can also send you some self addressed stamped envelopes so the cost to mail the coupons will not fall on you. I will cover the cost for shipping.So far, I have gotten only a few things at the Dollar Tree. I wasn't sure about their coupon policy, so I tried them out the other day. ...
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