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Update on the temps in the dens for the buns  Okay the outside temps are 103, inside the den w/ one ice bottle is 85 by the thermometer, but it feels much cooler then that, when you open the door you get hit by the cool air, and the surfaces feel cool to the touch, and no panting rabbits at all.
I have a memory quilt I am working on now, it is called "Mom's Garden Under the Stars"  it is made from 2 swaps a quilt swap of blue and yellow stars, and a crochet swap of flower squares I've added to.  I have included a square w/ a red butterfly (color of stroke awareness) for my mother who died of complications of stroke, a purple broken heart (the color for alzhiemers awareness) for my Gma, and a burgundy cancer awareness ribbon the color of multiple myloma for my...
I'll look for it, bet Gary can find it on the internet tv
No I haven't
The design is an old one from the underground railroad or before (used in the underground rail road quilts) but I converted the pattern to a foundation paper pieced one.
Here is my current distraction  
I said no male guinea, the females covered by a male rooster specifically b/c of the male guineas aggression to the rooster.  Even though it can go both ways (male guinea to female chicken, or male chicken to female guinea)
I took all my yarn and stuff to work yesterday, but didn't get any done.  I am still way ahead of the game, think I have about 10 large and small completed.  I'm doing a complicated quilt block for an exchange too so really not wanting to get behind.
Guineas can cross w/ chickens and produce viable offspring.  It is not overly common and is mostly w/ guinea hens raised in the flock of chickens and w/o a male guinea.
Shakespear is doing much better.     The guineas are still here just the 2 though, there were 3 the first day, before they went in the chicken yard, but only 2 made it to the yard.  They aren't people friendly at all, so we haven't seen them much, but we can hear them "purring????"  not sure what to call it, but it reminds me of a cat purr.  They are more then welcome to stay, they were intermingling w/ the chickens yesterday and nobody got mean.  Now you guys know what...
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