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Thanks, I've been convinced from hatch he is a boy.  I call him he all the time, but Gary doesn't trust my gender guessing! lol
The fibro gene (dark skin ) should offer some protection from the sun.  I have plenty of shade, my chickens do not spent much time in direct sun anyway. I figure w/ repeated exposure his skin should toughen up like a "farmer's tan and tougher skin".   A pig has almost no hair and seems to manage.  (I know apples and oranges) He may need to spend more time inside the coop in the winter.  I figure he will need a sleeping box for chilly nights and winter.  I am thinking about...
I now have 1/2 of the blocks done, 6 of the one pattern I posted the pic of.  Now for the 2nd set of 6, it is from a harder pattern.   I am glad I did them in applique, but do not think I am a life long convert to the technique.   If I finish the next 6 in time and have some time, I may attempt a second set this one of foundation paper piecing.  I created a rooster pattern just in case.
   He runs and jumps and when he is airborne, flaps his little arms like he is flying.  He also grooms his imaginary feathers, it is so cute to watch.
No, most NN or chickens at all do not carry this gene.  This gene has nothing to do w/ naked necks, it was first found in a line of New Hampshires in the 50-60's   The only way this is a possibility is if you have 2 (male and female) carriers and it is recessive so even then it isn't a "done deal"
Here is a Rudy fix for today.  lol lol lol     This is his 2 week pic, in action even.   As you can see he doesn't miss an opportunity to eat! lol
It is not the lighting the fibro coloring combined w/ the yellow skin give a green look to some areas.
Rudy's parents are both naked necks, however he is scaleless.  He got a double hit of a recessive gene, he will always be featherless.  He is my miracle chick.  I did not know I had two carriers in my flock so didn't know he was a possibility.  His hatch was shrink wrapped badly and almost all had to be assist hatched.  He was shrink wrapped but not quite ready to be hatched when I had to open his egg.  He had a massive abd hernia, and was extremely weak.  He needed major...
He has a double hit of a recessive Sc (scaleless) gene, he has no scales, no feather follicles and no feathers.
@hellbender here is an action shot of Rudy, as you can see he has a healthy appetite.  
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