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I just started only 1 month in so not much to add, except you can cut your food bill by harvesting forage and growing fodder.
I've been freezing my garden cukes for 2 years now, and this year I finally had the bright idea to try and freeze them whole and see if when they thaw they are still good to eat. They actually work better that way. Awesome so the only prep work I will have to the cukes is putting them in the freezer bag
I meant to quote, but since it didn't quote, I went back and @ you to signify whose post I was responding to.
When I get home from work on Fri I'll make a swap thread for it and see how much interest there is in a swap.  (I'll post the directions link then too)
Added plus of it being a good stash buster
I was considering it.  I found a pattern I thought would make a cool swap everyone doing the same pattern but different colors, the pattern is pretty straight forward and easy, but the look would be more modern then we have done until now.    
I use water straight from the hose, when you do 30 gallons at a time dechlorinating the water isn't possible and have never had issues.   tried putting the vinegar on my hands it was just like water, no problems no burning, so I bet it is the wheat.
Nank, be careful w/ those sharp objects and  for even thinking about giving yourself stitches!!!!!!!     I have to lay down to keep from passing out if I get a paper cut!  (not even kidding)  I can look at your blood all day long, poke you w/ needles, look at your insides, but let me see one drop of my blood and I'm tapping out!!!!!       Got my most important project for today done! and it is hot out.  I had to get a secure spot for the young buns so I can take them...
I live in OK, much hotter then NH, and mine is outside all the time, it gets hot in the summer, and freezes in the winter (just for a day or two at a time and not solid all the way through) for 3 years and has never had a problem.  I do grains though not pellets or crumbles and keep mine very liquid (2 ish inches of water on top)       Sorry I thought I quoted @mithious post
I'll have to try putting vinegar on my hands and see if it happens.
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