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I was asked to post these pics here.  I put my 3 week old chicks out in the outside coop when the nights were still in the high 30's and low 40's.  They were used to the feather duster broody chicken in their inside brooder, and I wanted them to feel comfortable and at home in the big coop, so I made a brooder bucket out of a 5 gall bucket and some polar fleece.  The holes were drilled about the size of a pencil.  They love this bucket.    
Henryetta, OK tonight 4-13-14 right after a hail storm.        
Yes, they have skin and it can get sunburned.  That is why the fibro gene was added to reduce the sunburn risk, they would have to stay out in the sun and their skin would end up "tanning" like any other sun worshiper.  My chickens at least in the hot parts of the days seldom stay out in the sun, they run from shade patch to shade patch.
You think that pic is adorable you should see him run w/ his little naked arms out like he is flying!!!!!  Now that is adorable.  Also he is grooming is nonexistent feathers    
Is she molting? Wonder if chickens get alopetia?
Here is what she is talking about I believe   
He is a chicken.  He is NN, w/ fibromyletic gene, and scaleless gene.  He will never have feathers.
I think this one for sure is, I suspect a few more too 
Do you have a link to that thread?
He has the scaleless gene, no feather follicles, no scales. He also is fm (dark skinned)   His ordeal didn't come from that though, his egg shrink wrapped at hatch and had to be assisted, he wasn't finished cooking by as best I can tell about 12ish hours, so was very weak, huge abd. hernia, needed intensive care and many braces / bandages for the hernia, legs (hobble) and feet (shoes)  but he is doing great now.
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