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I believe she is a carrier.  A guy I shared eggs w/ last year and I have been comparing notes and believe there are obvious carriers like Hercule, and more subtle, I believe she has the more subtle signs, but so did Rudy's mom.
I have a video I made about growing sprouts, but do not have the title or byc link in it and won't be able to do it until Sunday so if it hasn't closed by then I'll submit it.
Very nice and yes no doubt, she is a girl   (is she a carrier?)
An easy way to clean the background is to take the picture at dusk, the flower colors really pop and the background darkens naturally      These all had messy distracting backgounds that were minimized are disappeared b/c it was dusk
Yes I work tomorrow at Warner station.   I got the note about Abraham and am glad you are happy w/ him.  His Gpa had stunning colors.
A few pics of the sunset tongiht        
8-29-14, sunset, Henryetta, OK          
Thanks, I was taking pics showing the "grow out" was near complete, it has been a two year project!
Oh if I had to take any time at all straining my method would be to put the food in a container that would allow the juice to run out and replace the water in the ferment.
@Ilovemyduckies   I don't know if you have seen these or remember them, but they were some of my experiments w/ light and shutter speed       These were done w/ 10 second exposure and a flashlight behind the shower curtain.       These were done 30 second exposure (maybe a bit longer can't remember right now) and a helper w/ a flashlight and lots and lots of bad takes!!! lol
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